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My Name is Becki and I Was Complacent

Almost seventeen years ago I moved to South Carolina on a whim and a prayer and it proved to be one of the best adventures of my life. Radically changed and forever blessed is how I will remember and reflect upon my time there. The people I met have forever changed me and I was introduced to someone who changed my life permanently…Jesus rocks! However somewhere along the way, somewhere over the years I began a life of complacency.

Complacency became my best friend and a warm blanket in which to cuddle. It was comfortable and because it happened so quickly, I was sucked in slowly and became ignorant to its heavenly bliss.
Complacency is a killer, kind of like wisteria. It is beautiful while it grows, but it slowly twists and sucks the life out of all that cross its path. If you’re not careful it destroys marriages, families, happiness and most of all personal joy. Eventually one comes to the point where they no longer recognize themselves and they forget who they are supposed to be, who they were created to be. If you have ever had a wisteria tree you know how difficult it is to kill its twisted beauty. It takes time and effort and when you think you are done, you go in for round two, then three and so on. The tree never truly dies but its beauty can be contained with hard work and effort.

Fast forward seventeen years I am now a single mom, no I have never publically talked about my divorce probably because of the cuddly blanket of complacency or perhaps public appearances. But in the end my name is Becki, I’m a mom, a fierce friend and I am a divorced child of the King who constantly wonders why. Why this? Why that? I don’t have the answers and I probably never will, but I take responsibility for my actions and why I am where I am. I am an introvert and I am very deep, sometimes so much so that I scare even myself…I can’t imagine how others feel when I go on a philosophical rant!

A few weeks ago on a whim I joined a dating website. Why? I still have no idea…I’ll just have to add this to my ever growing why list. I have met some great friends through the experience. I have a few stories that would make you laugh until you peed and I have stories that would make even the hardest heart cry. Through my experience I have learned to love people again and most importantly love myself. We are all so unique and different yet we are all surprisingly the same.

One person in particular has changed my life forever and for the better. He really helped to prune the twisted wisteria away. He is a hard nut to crack, but despite being complete opposites we aren’t so different from each other. The hurts of life are evident in our actions and on our faces. Over the past few weeks I have taken leaps and shared parts of me that I have long since died. I have learned to hone in on the art of patience, which is not a virtue of mine. In honor of his honesty with me, I took a leap of faith and I booked a cruise to the Bahamas in March 2014 over my birthday, yes alone. And I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy the scenery and experience on my own with pen, paper and camera in hand. A once in a lifetime experience is what I am looking forward to.

When I take a moment to think about my friend I think about the passion that he has for life and what he does for a living and it’s inspiring! It’s contagious and well…addicting. I am so inspired that I have asked him to speak with me in May which I hope he’ll take me up on. It is my hope that he takes a moment to realize that he makes an impact on so many lives every single day by saving the world one person at a time. Countless people are forever in his debt because they get to spend one more day or even just a single, solitary minute with their family and friends that they would not have had before. On top of everything he’s a veteran and is hopefully celebrating his accomplishments today.

In honor of my friend helping to prune the wisteria, I am participating in a corporate fire walking event…yes it scares the crap out of me! However I am going to use this as a learning experience and as a spiritual journey and most of all as a time of remembrance in honor of my friend because I don’t think I would have had the nerve or the guts a few short weeks ago.

The future is unknown and patience sucks but I thank God every single day that you came into my life on a whim. If you’re gone tomorrow, you will never be forgotten and I have been forever changed.

Thank you Superman!

PS – You need a cape already dude!

Hi everyone! My name is Becki Noles, I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania, I've been in business for 14 years (15 in July) and I've been coaching and training VAs for 9 of those years. I'm excited to be a part of the Virtual Assistant Project and I was extremely intrigued because it was offered in the form of Google+.

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Awesome commercial with +Kim Beasley  and +Sarah Hill - I wish more newscasts were run this way!
So excited that I can finally share the Google+ video that I was included in that features Sarah Hill as she goes through her day as a newscaster. The video includes information about Google+ hangouts and how they can be used by journalist or others who want to get news out to the masses. Check it out and let me know what you think. YEAH!

Thanks +Sarah Hill for the opportunity & thanks +DeAno Jackson for the heads up that it was out. :)

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Introducing virtual accuracy companies on Google+

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In the process of creating a Google+ Business Page...I feel like I'm having  déjà vu!

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Laughing hard!

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Great How-To for Google+
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