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WHAT up people!!!
So in the next coming months I'm gonna start going out more into clubs. Its my friends 18th on Monday and we are going out on Thursday night.. All my friends say that they like the blue trouser outfit, I do too but I thought that I'd share some options with...

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Sorry I haven't posted anything in ages. I've just been extremely busy with college and then my holiday.. Beautiful weather, got a nice tan and then the waves were outstanding too. Cannot wait to go back in September...:) #Cornwall  

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feeling tired all the time???
So after everything that I have done is the past week, all I wanna do at the moment is sleep.... I've now only got one piece off coursework left and it's taking its time to get done. Last week i spent every minute focusing on a screen and this week it seems...

people need to be aware of this and help.. its not right that everyone else complains of doing everyday normal things and she can't. please take your time to read this and spread the word about this condition. :)

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think i am dieing inside at how rockie they sound. Im like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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