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Feeling Fear
Welcome Back me! It’s been some time since I’ve blogged,
life just happened to get in the way and took me in a different direction. But
I am back and more focused than ever on what I want to achieve in different
areas of my life. For some time I have felt a...

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Life is perfect
According to a personal coach that I follow
on Facebook, everything is perfect the way it is. Life and its chaos, my life
and the turbulence I put up with, the trouble I cause myself, the emotive
reactions I have that cause me further trouble, is all appare...

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Choosing Self-sabotage
I truly believe that when you are ready to listen, things present themselves that speak to you. Like accidentally finding the perfect blog post or tweet that it exactly what you needed to read. this has happened to me twice in the last week. Firstly, I came...

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Decision making
Yesterday was one of those days. It was not too bad, nothing was really wrong, it just felt hard. My weekend had been planned in advance and I was going away for the weekend with family and those close to me. I was looking forward to the weekend until I rea...

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On the edge
meditation: standing at the edge of the ocean, a calm ocean, feeling the
anticipation flow through my body like warm tingling electricity, on the verge
of the future and whatever that may hold. It was neither scary or exciting. It
was just what it w...

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October Goals
It may be the first week into the month, but its not too late to list some goals for the rest of October. From my list in yesterdays post, I have chosen for things Money Organisation Food Exercise Money In the Artists Way program I am doing, they talk about...

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Yearly Goals
Following on from my last post, I am attempting to sort my life out over the next year. Usually something you only consider around New Years Eve, I'm starting now, this October. This month is about getting the foundation right for my year ahead, setting up ...

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Sorting myself out
At the beginning of this year I started a journey of improving aspects of my life that I felt were not working for me. Unfortunately, in March, I got shingles in my face and eye and was pretty much incapacitated for a month. It took three months for life to...

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Goodbye my friend
I am saying goodbye to my friend, wine. She is going away for a little while as we have been spending way too much time together. Despite me loving every minute that we share, sometimes she gets a little bit too much and like all best friends we fight. Like...

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It's easier
Why don't we do things that leave us feeling do good? Today I walked out of the gym after a tough leg session feeling on top of the world...
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