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If you've already seen this 190 times, suck it up, here's one more. It's important.
We are not going away.  We will not be beaten.

If you support transgender rights, share this image.
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What ho. 

So, my friend has been to the site today and unfortunately found.... nothing. 

Well, no object anyway.

He's had a bit of an explore, including asking the permission of one of the very posh estates to go on their land and check out one of the 'x's on their land (she thought he was a bit mad but he said he was on a treasure hunt).  On that land he found an old bomb shelter which sadly did not contain anything beyond tools. Beyond, on the publicly accessible land, where another 'x' was on the map he found an old derelict water tank (which was full of junk), but no Lovecraftian objects.  There were also some beech trees in the woods marked with crosses, but they looked more to do with woodland surveys than Azathoth.

Unless +Graham Walmsley can confirm he's been to the right place and that it appears the object is missing, then I think we struck out.. 

ETA: Oh, photos to follow

I'm going to be away this weekend for a wedding, and on a training course all next week so my availability to do anything is severely constrained for the next 7 days. Good luck!

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I've done some more analysis of the arrows and I've mapped all of the page arrows to their page number, and possible numerical values. 

It's in an Excel spreadsheet, linked in this post (sorry Ara, not a nice physical artefact for you here). If you want to download and tinker please feel free. 

Google Sheets unfortunately doesn't retain the cell text direction so I'm not converting it for that reason.

What I've found is that the spacing of the arrows appears to be important.

I haven't tackled any of the non 'page number' arrows yet...

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+Ara Kooser's drawings (Strange Dreams and Burnt Lines) jarred with the images that I put up. The *'s are in different places. So I went back to my copy of the pdf to double check.

Here's where I make a confession... 

I bought the book & pdf ages ago, but yesterday when I was working on it I didn't have my pdf on the PC I was working on.. Naughty naughty me found another copy online by searching for "Sthakhnr Fgyri" in google - there's only one hit and it's someone's online vault. So yesterday I was using that pdf copy..

The images are different between the two! 

My copy matches yours Ara, but the other copy is different.


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+Graham Walmsley You sneaky sneaky dog you!

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Excuse my poor drawing skills here - mapping the other Abdul image onto Park Wood. I forgot to include the star.. 

There's also another set of images in the pdf, which may or may not be another map. I think it is as it's got another * marks the spot. This series of images runs on pages 156-161. 

On page 91 is the word Stancombe. There's a Stancombe Park Temple (with Egyptian folly) not far to the West of Dursley. 

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Ok, so on page 77 of the pdf there's the first in a series of 3 images - all the same but rotated. This first image is a map that corresponds with the message 'Bull Pitch' on page 80 of the pdf.

If you look up Bull Pitch on google maps (as +Ara Kooser named, and +Tom Pleasant linked to) then you will find a map similar to the image.

Over lay the two and they're a perfect fit. if you turn on the Satellite view rather than the map view you'll see the circular drive that is absent from the map view.

So... the * indicates something in 'Park Wood'. 

But what?

I happen to have a friend who works in Dursley.. I could ask him if he's willing to take a look for us?
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So here's my notes on the arrows to add to yours +Ara Kooser 
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