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Hey folks!

I'm Alan Bahr, publisher and lead designer at Gallant Knight Games!

We publish TinyD6 and now, D6 System: 2nd Edition!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi!

Hey folks! Quick update from the Nocturnal Media side.

We're still sorting out the outstanding projects and PALADIN before we add any new ones to the list. We hope to have something soon for you, but please continue to extend your patience our way.

There is a mountain of outstanding work that needs to be sorted before new work can be added.

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A nice post!
[From the Mailbag] Happy Monday Goodies!
I decided today that I need to sweep the leaves accumulated at the door of the Stronghold and clear some dust from my head. It's been a LONG time, relatively. Changing careers at mid-life is difficult; it's even worse when dealing with depression and some m...
[From the Mailbag] Happy Monday Goodies!
[From the Mailbag] Happy Monday Goodies!

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Hey folks. What would you want to see in the Game Chief Secrets PDF? We've already got a strong outline and many words, but I'd love to hear from you all what you might want.

Some points:
* Errata will be handled separately. We won't be putting it there.
* We are willing to talk about some design decisions (won't make it the whole focus).
* There will be some alternate rules for things like "Speak First, Go First", RiPP allocation and more.

Please keep in mind those points when making suggestions!

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Hey! Just saying hi! Alan Bahr here.

Hey! Just got this game as a gift. I'm trying to find out if there is resources for the playbooks. The link on the left seems to not work, and I can't find downloads.


Is there a good cheat sheet/walk through for how to play the game? I'm a little confused after reading the book.
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