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So I finally got these boots from Piperlime yesterday with their birthday 20% off. I am not sure if I will like the heel height but fortunately they weren't final sale so I can send them back if it's too high for me.

I usually try to buy only leather boots since they will ultimately last longer and be a better value, but I very much like the shape and details of these, even if they're synthetic. I hope they live up to my expectations!

The detail link:
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I waited till the last minute to get them... literally... couldn't get the "dynamic" coupon code anymore and it said the promo was over. I had to dig up the screenshot I took earlier in the day... but it still worked, so I got them. If they work out, and the other pair of fur-topped booties that I bought from Sole Society the other day then I am done with boots this year! (HAHAHAHAH! until I find another pair I can't live without, right??).
Depending on the shoe/maker an 8.5-9. In boots I can usually go with 8.5 but I get a 9 anyway so I can wear thick socks if it's cold. Yeah, I have big feet. Losing 80lbs or not, I'm still "big boned".
Got these today... I think I am going to have to return them :( They are REALLY tight in my calf. I don't think I have large calves either... but I could barely get my right one zipped and it was just kind of uncomfortable. Decided not to try the left since I probably will be sending them back with that experience. Plus there was a kind of discolored spot on the front... I don't know if a larger size would help with that circumference either... Bummed!
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