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GR-TEK Computers
Photoshop & Video Editing Desktop & Gaming Computers
Photoshop & Video Editing Desktop & Gaming Computers

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Desktop Professional Systems, Photo & Video Editing Computers and Gaming Pcs

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Hi Performance SLI System

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The Ultimate in Photo/Video Editing Computers #Photo/Video Editing Computer
X99 Motherboard
Intel Socket 2011-3 5960X CPU
Quadro K4200
64 Gig 2133Mhz DDR4 RAM
500 Gig Samsung SSD as main Drive
120 Gig Kingston as Scratch Drive
2 x 4 Terrabyte Hard Drives in RAID 1 Mirror
Asus Xonar Sound Card
Blu Ray Burner & Blu Ray ROM
Silverstone 850 Watt Low Noise Heavy Duty PSU
NZXT H630 Case

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Gaming PCs vs PS4 vs Xbox: why a PC can be best overall.

As good as consoles are, there's still life in the gaming PC.
Here's why you should still consider a PC over a PS4 or Xbox One.

The PlayStation 4 from Sony and the Xbox One from Microsoft are the latest in the world of games consoles. They've both been received very well, selling millions of units. But is there still a good reason to buy a PC rather than a dedicated console? 

While consoles may be great and powerful, users don't get the option to make any upgrades in the future.
Gaming Computers can be built-to-order and you can upgrade and customise the system to your likes. The advantage here is the ability to upgrade individual components, such as the CPU, the graphics card, hard drives, SSD's and so on.
You're likely to spend more on a gaming PC compared to a console as you may also need a monitor, mouse, keyboard etc. Don't forget a Gaming console does not include the cost of a TV that you need to hook it up.

Although gaming consoles have web browsers, they're awkward and not easy to use. A PC loaded with Windows comes with a web browser that is eady to use and does not restrict you in any way.

With a gaming console you don't get much other than the console and a single controller. Then there is the additional costs of signing up to Microsoft & Sony's online services, Xbox Live Gold & PlayStation Plus . You'll have to pay a yearly fee to gain access to things like online multiplayer as well as certain content. 

Each of the consoles still has exclusive titles as a way of luring customers to either the PS4 or the Xbox. Big name titles like World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Guild Wars etc, which you can get only by gaming on a PC, tend to be massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG).

If you're happy to pay a little more for games and the accompanying subscription fees, the consoles provide a great experience. They are relatively inexpensive, insert a game and it just works plus with a internet connection you can access online content.

PC gaming is a great alternative to consoles because you get all-round functionality and versatility with far fewer limitations. Games are also a bit cheaper and there tends to be no hidden costs such as subscriptions.

If you need to do more than just gaming, and most of us do, then a PC has the versatility to not only game but also do your Home/Office work, trip & edit Videos, Photos, Music and heaps more, things that just cannot be done a gaming console.
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