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Robin Walker
People Photography in San Francisco, Oakland, and Beyond
People Photography in San Francisco, Oakland, and Beyond

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Going Pro: Client Journeys - The Unexpected Call
One of the best-- though unnerving-- pieces of advice of new videographers/photographers is to make a pitch to your day job or current associate, be that a hobby or a related businesses.  The bottom line is that every organization can benefit from a video, ...

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Going Pro: Conversations about taking it to the next level
Photographer Ming Thein recently posted a discussion on his blog about the process of turning pro.  If you don't know him, his architectural photography is quietly phenomenal, with a subtle Miksang influence and flawless post production technique.  He write...

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Do you really cut on the blink?
Celebrated film editor Walter Murch famously said that
you should almost always cut on the actor’s blink; and less famously explained
that you never cut on the actual blink, but sometimes before and only when
it made sense for other reasons.   What I’ve nev...

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Going Pro: Facebook or Twitter? Or Instagram? Or Tumblr?
The only social media tool I advocate for one hundred percent is
blogging.  Which, of course, isn’t really a social media platform at
all.  Which is probably why it's so useful.  It allows you to target your audience and craft a detailed
message and a preci...

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Going Pro: Client Journeys - Promotional Video
As a part of this series I’m describing a few of my early
client journeys in time-condensed form. Clients arrive at your doorstep in
different ways—and when you’re just starting out, that’s give you time to
develop your approach, and hone your skills. Day 4...

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Going Pro: Meeting the Paparazzi
It’s sounds idiotic when you say it out loud, but so much
of pregnancy, having a child, is nothing like you imagined from books and movies. 
The first sonogram, for instance, isn’t done on a Vaseline-smeared belly
eagerly looking for fingers and toes.  That...

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Going Pro: Client Journeys
Clients arrive at your doorstep in unexpected ways—when you’re
just starting out, the variance is even greater.   The professionalism of your clients, the types of products, and the
trajectory of the process varies wildly.    As a new company, that’s a good...

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Going Pro: Unapologetic Construction
Some time ago I read  that you should never apologize for inactivity on your blog.  You don't owe your readers a post; there's no invisible contract.  And I agree, though it's awfully hard to do sometimes.  Like not returning a phone call from a friend, you...

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Going Pro: Ceci N'est Pas Mon Blog
This is not my blog.  Not Hurricane Images’s blog.  The blog belongs to Hurricane Images, but it is not our blog, which you can find here in its nascent form. Why isn’t this my blog?  Because you are not my client.  My number one rule for posting on Hurrica...

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Going Pro: My Two Rules of Marketing
Levi Strauss Volunteer Day Personal contact is immeasurably better than any form of virtual contact.  Personal is face-to-face, not over the phone—which is still enormously better than email, mailer, or social media.  Personal contact is hard , that’s why i...
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