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this article is delusional and wrong continual lies and denials justlikerussia today and the soviet union before  by the way the soviet union was giving north vietnam weapons etc the soviet union trained islamic terrorists in the ...stans in 50s/60s how do i know 40 years
 of different international and home service

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regarding the ugly fat slob of a russian woman not fitting too fat too stupid too lazy  toojewish princess?! (you got to be pretty tobe jap) goback!

the boston mass marathon????????!!!!!!!!!!!
what a sorrow putting aside any theories i feel sorrow for those innocently effected
 GOD bless and comfort these people  and our nation in the Lord's arms.
next topic...
why is that closet senator queen charlie of ny already making inappropiate comments regarding the boston marathon?!
queen charlie liar frankel and come back weiner should get back in the closet, and die very slowly of aids. better yet their fathers if they by wild chance even know who they are should have been emasculated when they were circumsized!
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