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Can anybody tell me why Software Update is listed twice in Application Manager on the Note 3?

Anybody know anything about third party flip view covers with the note 3? Got one the other day that claimed it had the sleep/wake feature, which is exactly what the official Samsung covers do, but for some reason this doesn't register with my phone! I have stock 4.3 on my note 3, any help would be appreciated!

Need some help from anyone who has some knowledge of kies, plugged my note 3 in the other day and it found an update... for some reason it stopped at 15% and then ever since it isn't finding the update. I don't want to root or try flashing any rom, I've done that in the past and had some bad luck. I just want the official update, any ideas would be great!

So I plug my note 3 into my computer, start kies and it finds an update.. I had it set to USB 3, it found an update! For some reason at about 15% it switched off the USB 3 setting and cancelled the update, plug it in again and it doesn't find the update......... -_-

Best place/places to buy phones outright? Looking to buy the Note 3, am in Australia though.

This might be a stupid question but, the nightly Roms, why are they nightly? Are they updated every night, should I update mine every night if I have flashed one of them or what? Info would be appreciated thanks!

Thinking of going for Cyanogenmod for my galaxy note, ORIGINAL, is it as easy as going to and downloading the stable rom? What else do I need to know? With the note there's always the issue of the s pen apps, are there any other issues I need to be aware of? Thanks in advance!
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