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What is the difference between Full Frame and Crop sensors?
Simply put, Full Frame sensors are bigger. Crop sensors, or also known as APS-C sized sensors in Canon terms, are 1.6x smaller than Full Frame sensors. (1.5x for Nikon) There are a few things that will be affected due to this difference in size, with the mo...

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Why Crop Sensor Lenses don't work on Full Frame Cameras
So, why? The main reason is because of the image circle. It's easier to illustrate. A full frame sensor is bigger than the image circle produced by a crop lens. Hence, you would often get vignetting or ridiculously soft images at the edges. A full frame len...

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The 7D Mark II Review
So, the 7D Mark II, the new King of the Crop. I didn't think the 7D Mark II was going to be this impressive, I actually thought Canon made the same old mistake by putting in some existing mediocre sensor. In this case, I thought it was just going to be a be...

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Macro lens vs Extension Tube
Extension tubes have been known to give really, really good results. But how would they stack up to a real, dedicated macro lens? To test this out, I used a EF 100mm F2.8L Macro lens, and a EF 50mm F1.4 with some dirt cheap extension tubes. We'll start off ...

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7D Mark II shutter sounds and drive modes
I love listening to shutter sounds. The new 7D Mark II has rather quiet shutter sounds. In the video, I basically ran it through the drive modes 4 times. I first did it with the lens attached, in viewfinder mode. I then did it again in Live View mode. I the...

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How to remove a boom pole from a shot [Part 2/2 - Handheld shots]
So in the previous video/post we talked
about removing a boom pole from a static shot. What if the shot moves? It’s
slightly more complicated but otherwise the exact same as removing it from a
static shot albeit with an extra step. Watch the video to see th...

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How to remove a boom pole from a shot [Part 1/2 - Static shots]
So a boom pole drifts into your shot.
Pretty bad eh? But fret not, it’s actually relatively easy to remove it from a
static, locked down shot. So in this topic we’ll be going over a
technique to remove a boom pole from a static shot in Adobe After Effects. ...

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The SECRET to shooting rain!
Ever wanted to take some nice photos or record some footage of the rain, but the rain just doesn't show up that well on camera? It's as if the rain just makes your image hazier, and the camera just can't see those fine streaks of rain like how your eyes can...

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Introducing the ZY Productions Blog!
Welcome to the ZY Productions blog! If you're reading this, that means you've already been informed of this site (duh). So I'll have a blog post accompanying every video I post on YouTube. So...given I've already announced this in the video and you're alrea...

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