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Igor Sestanj
Information technology specialist currently sailing North America and dreaming of building a space ship.
Information technology specialist currently sailing North America and dreaming of building a space ship.

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About a week ago I stumbled upon Sally Nixon’s website. Sally Nixon is an illustrator from Arkansas, USA. Her artwork of girls are so vivid and attractive that they centers attention upon itself. Sally’s online store is currently closed as she is on 365…
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Highlights from my first visit to the Largest military aviation museum in the world – National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in W.P.A.F.B. in Dayton, Ohio
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Another great ride in Serbia. This is an alternative bike route from Belgrade (Pupin bridge in Zemun) to Novi Sad. Total length is approximately 100 km (60 miles) and follows the left embankment on the Danube river.
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In one of my previous posts I wrote about the outrageous toll prices in Europe. This time I want to extend the first one and comment on a few more countries in which their governments deserves the Darwin award for naming those roads highways and charging…
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This is the second alternative bike tour in Belgrade, Serbia. Check out the map of Galovica Canal and photos attached. Make sure to have enough water with you and fun, once again is guaranteed.
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The most amazing nerdy sport ever - Droneboarding - I want one!

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NAND Flash Data Recovery Cookbook
The first part of our joined research and development program with our partners is over. As we are getting ready to publish this paper the next phase just started few days ago. Here is the list of topics we covered in our research paper.

1. Introduction

1.1. Flash memory
1.1.1 NAND
1.1.2 NOR
1.2 Flash Data Recovery

2. Pre-Image Operations

2.1 Chip-Off or JTAG
2.1.1 Standard Packages TSOP Signals TLGA Signals BGA Signals
2.1.2. Signal Tracing The NAND Flash Interface JTAG Signals eMMC Signals
2.1.2 4 USB Signals Monolith Signals Solid-state drives Techno Signals oneNAND Signals
2.2 Removing memory chips form the PCB (If needed)
2.2.1 Soldering operations
2.2.2 JTAG pads
2.2.3 TSOP
2.2.4 TLGA
2.2.5 BGA
2.2.6 Monolith
2.2.7 USB Flash
2.2.8 Memory Cards
2.2.9 Solid-state drives
2.2.10 eMMC
2.2.11 oneNAND

3. Physical Image Reading

3.1 DUMP creation via JTAG
3.2 DUMP creation using Chip-Off
3.2.1 Protocol parameters
3.2.2 Bit error analysis (NAND direct access mode) and power adjustment for bit error minimization
3.2.3 Bad columns analysis and removal
3.2.4 ECC detection
3.2.5 Physical images extraction (dump reading)

4. Virtual image Creation

4.1 Physical image structure analysis and description
4.2 Data transformations: Inversion and Scrambling (XOR) analysis
4.2.1 Inversion
4.2.2 Scrambling
4.2.3 Byte combination
4.2.4 Memory Modem
4.3 Data Organizations in NAND memory
4.3.1 Crystal Geometry Parameters
4.4 Virtual page and block allocation analysis
4.4.1 Virtual Block Allocation
4.5 Flash Translation Layer
4.5.1 Block Mapping
4.5.2 Other Functions
4.5.3 Translation table analysis and creation
4.5.4 Block sorting and filtering.
4.5.5 Analysis of LBN sequence integrity
4.6 Summary

5. Assembling a Logical Image

5.1 Reconstructing used data file system
5.2 Data extraction and verification

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