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Jennifer Sommersby Young

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Movie and Book Wrap-up, Fall 2016
year, people ask me, the displaced Yankee, if Canada celebrates
Thanksgiving. YUP, except they do it on a Monday -- still super weird
for me and this is my 15th Thanksgiving here. But we coo...

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Movie and Book Wrap-up, Summer 2016 ...
Of all the things in the world to do, among my very favorites: going to the
movies. I love the surround sound, the huge screen, the comfy seats,
the popcorn (!!!). Yeah, sure, there are those morons who talk too much
or pull out their phones, but when th...

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It Is the Book That Never Ends, It Just Goes On and On, My Friends!
I should be finishing this draft. I have
twelve days until handoff. Instead I’m sitting in the living room while my
ten-year-old plays Wii MarioKart on a Tuesday when he should be at school but
he didn’t make the track team this year so he would’ve been at ...

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If you're in the Coquitlam area, stop by Chapters and treat yourself to some rom-com giggles. (Eliza Gordon = me.) Otters and food trucks galore, baby ... #MustLoveOtters #Neurotica #ElizaGordon #ChaptersCoquitlam  

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Middle-grade recommendations just in time for holiday shopping sprees!

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HO HO HO - Who Likes Middle-Grade Books?
It's THAT TIME OF YEAR again (like you needed me to tell you). The mall parking lots are totally overwhelmed with morons who don't know how to drive, their angry faces throwing shade (and worse) at each other for the spot closest to the food court entrance....

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DELIGHTFUL review of #Neurotica. Thank you, Mandy @ Raw Books! <3

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Eliza Gordon Strikes Again: NEUROTICA Is LIVE!
My alter ego has been busy while the other personality -- the real me -- rewrites Sleight . Yes. It is The Book That Never Ends. Wish me luck on this latest adventure. SOOOOO, even though it's not August 21, and that's when I said NEUROTICA would be availab...
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