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Clarion Calls Us On Our Way From Here Our Earthly Life

We're on our way back. Halifax has been incredible.
Some voyage of death and resurrection. The clarion

Alan Sondheim

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TRUCK MAGAZINE at Close to the Half-Way Point !!

I'm guest editor of Truck Magazine this month -

The results so far are at

Please have a look! I'm excited by the variety and quality of
the work -

People Featured So Far:

Foofwa d'Imobillite / Murat Nemet-Nejat / mez breeze / Mairead
Byrne / Liz Solo / Maria Damon / Chris Funkhouser / Joel
Weishaus / V Manuscript / Jon Woodson / James Morris / Vernon
Frazer / Lanny Quarles / John Bennett /

More coming soon. I'm slowly soliciting people,
apologies for not having open submission.

Alan Sondheim

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empty space shooting blanks

the blankness of white or silver, pregnant with possibility.
But there is no possibility without boundary!
there are no boundaries, i'm feeling sick, nauseous.
There's nowhere to stand, nothing to do, nothing to see!
at sea there are meaningless clouds and idiotic waters.
Nothing to hang onto, I'm drowning in tepid waters!
an edge would have amounted to something, or a corner.
No corners, floors, ceilings, balloons, chairs!
the blankness is the insufferability of warm spoiled milk.
There's nothing to drink, bellies are swollen and bursting!
solace is the memory of the signifier, truth is its erasure.
I remember some letters, wait, there must be more!
the clouds are like stones, waters like mountains.
Just a minute, I'll sit! I'll think this through! Survive!

Alan Sondheim

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the voice of the ctenophor sighs:

"o stork in the night out of sight you do loom
and weave warped maroon weft on your dismal loom
which bad poets make rhyme with womb also tomb
because none of them really provide much of room
and the sound of the stork is never a boom
and they never climb mountains or live in a coom
and they do signal happiness and never do gloom
or say you're dying or flying to doom
as you marry each other, oh bridelet and groom
out of sight like a kite as you cry va-va-voom!"

the voice of the stentors replies:

"woodstork staccato back-and-forth, long-bills down into
crawfish-crab woodstork, foot and florida gar, mosquitofish,
snail kite, soft-shelled Your wood-stork in my alligator fish I
can approach, but not woodstorks - fabulous and fabled - I run
around everything, I watch egrets preening, a lone stork,
woodstork on top treefall and:ibis flocks and woodstork, lower
on mosquitofish, but it was the pond in the dark-night, and the
sound of wood stork wings at the do, you see me woodstork, you
have fast bill, i have strength. together we maybe # violence
and sound # forked storks works dark parks # on the side
watching storks watching storks on their nest, one egg present,
they cannot read these animals, black storks in disarray, these
animals, black storks in disarray, only one I found, in disarray

(only one I found, I in disarray)"

It's curtains for the play.
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Alan Sondheim

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' blank, a nn. An anan  nn, aka
n  -l; n  255.333.333.33*, a l-a, blank
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thanks Kate!

Alan Sondheim

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holdfasts (slimemold) (because i can) (and did)

we're down to today and tomorrow in Halifax, leaving after
an early morning get-together with David Clark on Friday.
the winds were around 50 mph today and a cool rain. like
slimemolds we're gathering resources, coming together, then
flying down the corridors to Providence. I'm worried about
the border crossing and returning; Azure says that my
anxiety level has greatly increased over the past two years.
I feel in my heart of hearts that I've got to stretch to
hold things together, that things threaten to fly apart if
I'm not vigilant. what kind of a life is this? the flowers
appeared out of nowhere near harborside in Dartmouth.

Alan Sondheim

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Then What?

Alan! And then? Atlanta. Begin again. Data absorbs. Data
absorbs. Either. Eyesore records. Fukuoka I I I said. II III IV
IX Lives3. My Vision Not. Or. Pale. Queens. Second Semiotext(e),
1984.) V VI VII VIII What is What's Wikipedia. Wyoming Avenue. X
abjection. addressable. always reflected. and process: another
message-base. any case?. apartment arrangement. beginning. ble.
book. bourgeoisie. caress. chop($str=<STDIN>); close APPEND;}
collapse. communality. comparative emptiness. correspondence.
cosmos, crash-landed. data. dawn again. delivered. dialectic.
dialectic. distant. distant. dream. economics. education.
entering data. equivalence. exis). existence. existent. exit(0);
experimental writing. extreme insomnia. fairly well. family.
flatspace. flatspace. floats, references. for this?!):
forgotten. four days friends here. functional? gateways?
gigabytes. himself. holarch. homeland. hopeless. ideal. ii iii
in Brooklyn. in music/soundwork. information systems.
information systems. inscription. inscription. intrusion. it
appears. it. it. itself. la Cerda. left eye. life. life. lives.
living things longer divide. matter. matter. me. microscope.
microscope. midst of might.) mother. move. move... my ways.
nervous breakdown. non-existent. not thought. not thought.
notes: occurring. of anomaly. of massacre. of technology. of us?
on-demand). or disobedience. ordered. organizations. pain,
death. participle. place? potential. power! probably wasn't.
proceed. production. projection... protocols quite old.
quotation /marks./ razor). real sense real. really loved.
reducible other. said I. sake. second sight. so... somewhat
lost. straight? subject? sure. sure.) tabulations. temporal?
that matter. the queries. the reader. the real)? the subaltern?
the valley. their community. then? there there. there. there.
thinking. this excruciation. this year. thought. thought.
thought. thought. time! tion. to Pennsylvania. tourist.
transparent. txt .)" uninhabited. us death.) usually there.
victimized me. was established. watching everything. way.
weak). well. well. well. with it. words" below. work. write
everything. yelling personnel... zero? sults in "4" for example.

Alan Sondheim

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how it is
done has on been sexuality explicit, has centered been on
explicit, body centered organs, body done organs, on penis,
sexuality asshole, etc.; done in with some others of is the as
work graphic as with etc.; others in is some as of graphic the
possible. it's been same and time on it's a frightening edge and
possible. a the sexual same edge time having been to aroused do
by exposure; to aroused of by having exposure, to point exposure
lost control sure effacement. display interests not sure as why
loss display of interests control and much it and does; the if
others were interior much were if exposed. for a remembered
artist posing for who an repeatedly artist shot who exposed.
repeatedly shot remember asshole for close-up example. piece
modeling, example. was and an asshole modeling, close-up there
for was a portrait a photographer show did show on insisted
portrait naked cock; shaved shown erect in cock; an shown naked
otherwise shaved tame erect exhibition. vagina another drawn had
legs vagina drawn posed between exhibition. legs time posed a
photographs as spreading wide as open possible. wide don't don't
spreading want to, lose work, itself. that always to, felt,
doing don't work, to that lose go limit, sort and limit, opening
beyond had clothing to masquerade, to opening some possible,
way. or working one way. much one possible, sound were then
small; did fucking sound small microphone inserted, recorded,
the recorded of sounds microphone into (muffled) a coming. kind
found in kind things; power (muffled) these things; always they
found staged so but for felt. very raw, were. but when felt
came, raw, exploded, sometimes almost passed exploded, out.

Alan Sondheim

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The New Home

The New Home online was waiting. The Old Home was dark
and the lights in the Old Home were dark and the electric
was on and was dark. In the New Home magnetism and
electricity we're at ninety degrees and entangled; in the
Old Home, electricity was lonely and would not come out
to make the Brilliant World. In the Old Home the faucets
made the sound of rushing air and in the New Home there
were many facets of the Flowing World. The Flowing World
was bright and brilliant and the Brilliant World was
bright and flowing. The Old Home was everywhere I would
be and the New Home would become a Flowing Memory.
Outside the wind blows and branches rattle against the
house. The New Home is not secure and is vulnerable and
the people are sad there because the Old Home has no
wind and no energy or force or momentum and the Old Home
has no Flowing Calculus. We are going to the Old Home
and that is the Song of the Brilliant Swan but we are
now among the New Home and that is a home of Flowing

Then I did realize that my genre is that of the retardation
of reality, image upon image, video upon image, all forms
of recording, from every place, making the place a home, in
a way that almost guarantees me a sense of mourning, loss,
at the end of the day, every day a sweeping into the relay
of night. As if I were born homeless, or into a play of
home which falls apart, the ground seeps away beneath me.
And there were the mines collapsing beneath the ground
where I was from. And holes opening there, and houses
in disarray, cracking. And I realize that the number of
images and sounds and movements might betray the seeping,
might hold things in place for a moment longer, glaciers
retained within their historic limits, life on this planet
momentarily satiated with the slaughter so far. I will
build my home there, not out of memory, but out of the
currency of this time, this now, a holdfast in the
ravaged ocean. I am there now, you will find me, but I
will not be there forever, I will have been gone before you.
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