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Dr. Kristin Porlier

Are you frustrated on what to eat to lose weight and gain health? Do you have a hard time finding healthy foods and recipes for your family? Join us for shop with the doc Monday April 13th at 6:30pm at Costco St. Peter’s. Space is limited so reserve your seat by sending us a message here or calling 636-887-3400

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Are you tired? stressed? want to lose weight? Suffer from mental "fog"? or just want to make a health change?

We have made it simple. 4 steps to a new you! The four steps will help you increase energy, clear mental fog, lose weight, and improve your overall health! 

Check it out and bring a friend or a loved one! I'm looking forward to seeing you and helping you achieve your health resolutions!

Go to:

Live on the radio every Wednesday at 1:00PM! Listen in for the latest wellness tips to keep you and your family in optimal health! Wellness Wednesdays with Dr. Kristin on 1380AM. Today's topic: Summer Health Tips!

Trivia Tuesday! What is the master control system of your body?

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Kickstarter is like panhandling online!

10 days left for us to reach our fundraising goal or we get nothin'!
Help us make "Four  Color Eulogy."

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When you get to a place where your seeing the positive in others more than the negative, it means you are doing the same for yourself! YOU are amazing, beautiful, and strong! Happy Friday!

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Good Morning Health Nuts! A great way to start your day and get motivated is to start with daily affirmations! Start by saying these to yourself every day and gain health of your mind. Watch and see what happens! Happy Motivational Monday!
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