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For people who wear eyeglasses during sports or other activities that can result in eye injuries, eye doctors often recommend polycarbonate lenses – a safety lens material that is impact-resistant. Trivex is a plastic material that meets the same safety standards as polycarbonate, but is less distorting. Another type of lens is a thin, light plastic lens called a “high-index” lens.

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Eyeglass lenses used to be made only of glass, but today most lenses are made from different types of plastic materials. Plastic lenses are recommended by eye doctors because they are lighter, more flexible and safer. They are less likely to shatter compared to glass lenses. Plastic lenses also have inherent UV light-blocking ability to protect your eyes from UV rays.

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The invisible transition of progressive lenses may be more esthetically pleasing, but the focal areas are relatively small because more lens space is used for the transitional areas. That’s why progressive lenses cause more distortion than other types of lenses, which makes them more difficult to wear for approximately 10% of the people who wear these lenses.

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Trifocals are lenses with three different lens corrections, which are distance vision, intermediate vision and near vision in a single set of eyeglasses. On the other hand, progressive lenses function generally the same way as bifocals or trifocals, but they have a smooth transition between distance and near focal areas instead of visible dividing lines.

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