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I got this from the official +Dodge​ page. Did you know: long before the Hellcats were dominating American streets, Dodge made 26 SRT10 Chargers, all from late 2006 to early 2012, each with an 8.3-liter V10 engine based on the 2005-'06 Viper SRT10 while producing 625hp/690lb.ft vs. 510hp/535lb.ft in the Viper, making the SRT10 Charger the most powerful Dodge at the time. The first three of these 26 were non-converted, always-SRT10 models, while the rest had to be tuned at their local dealerships. The SRT10 had the same 5-speed automatic transmission as the SRT8.

In a private +Motor Trend​ September 2006 video (the video and test were never released to the public as to avoid hurting the Viper lovers' feelings; remember, this was a very secret), Robert R. tested this very first SRT10 Charger against Pope's Enzo +Ferrari​. The Charger hailed its sprint to 60 in 2.34 seconds (a LaFerrari does 2.4, and a McLaren P1 does 2.6), up to a 1/4-mile in just 10.71 at 121.04mph with launch control, while the new Hellcats won't even do better than 11.03, a best revealed by

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The great debate...
Choose your side!
+ 1 for PS4, Share for Xbox One.

Oh and I have a YouTube channel too!   
I make short films/skits.   
You can check those out here! Subscribe! :)

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Would love the figure in the middle. Reminds me of gundam wing
I had lunch with hitmit +Hitoshi Mitani this week. He made me an awesome custom Android figure and brought some more cool gifts. I invited him and +Sho Baba for a tour of the Google Tokyo office and lunch but unfortunately Baba-san was unable to join us. HitMit sent him the goodie bag of presents that +Fumi Yamazaki and +Yuko Hirasawa put together for them and I hope to meet him some other time.

It was a lot of fun and Mitani-san also made an amazing animated Android. I'll take a video of it soon to share.

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