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All Done!

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Lunch in Makorora.

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SH1 traffic jam...

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One times bucket list item checked off...

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Blogger meet-up
So New Zealand immigration stuffed things up again and let in a bunch of bike mad Aussies (including one Chillertek ) and also let them loose on our roads on hire bikes!  Oh the humanity! After visiting Geoff out on the Coro Loop they made their way around ...

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Enlightening Farkle
Righto, so Saturday's ride had another purpose and the reason why I went so late and came back in the dark was because I had to try out my latest farkle... I have a farkling disease... Yes, some led's imported at great expensive from the land of Trump.  And...

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Return to the valley...
...and that Forgotten Highway. This Saturday's weather was certainly an improvement over the last few weeks' - nice and sunny with very little wind.  And I had unfinished business carrying over from the previous weekend - a trip up Turakina Valley. I didn't...

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2016 Highlights
Ok, January is nearly done for but this is getting to be a bit of a habit: January Well, I test rode a Honda and didn't buy one... Wrong colour? But did manage to get a ride in during a patch of weather the likes of which we have yet to see this year... Bea...

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Webbed feet...
...would be handy with our current "summer" weather. Saturday was nice but I was busy doing "stuff". Sunday - howling gale and horizontal rain. Monday (public holiday) - not bad at times but plenty of rain for a Tenere rider to crash into. Yeah, so I went f...
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