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This is not my article but believe if you missed it in the newsfeed - it is definitely worth the time to read! A few quick takeaways but I suggest ....
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Carla Deter's insight: Promoting associations, organizations or non-profit events is what I enjoy the most! Knowing the registrant numbers throughout the promotions period is the best measure of success. Being agile in promotions is key.
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Carla Deter
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Have an upcoming event? #conference #summit #symposium #training
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Think referrals! Think Long-Term!It's been said everywhere around social and the www. Sell yourself first and selling your 'stuff' will come later!IMHO selling a home on LinkedIn may not necessarily
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BREAKING NEWS: Bye to Google Authorship.  Very disappointing as CTR can be largely depended on our photo. People by from people not text.
Google's getting rid of author profile pictures and Google+ circle counts in search results. Here's what you need to know.
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Approaching LinkedIn without the Deer in the Headlights Look #LinkedIn
How do you start your day when you fire up LinkedIn for social connecting?Know what you plan to accomplish in the time you have on LinkedIn. Let’s say you have only a half hour to make a presence on LinkedIn today. You know as I do if you don’t have a plan you will end up here, there and everywhere and the next thing you know the time has gone by with nothing more than reading a lot of post headlines and articles with no real social connecting. H...
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There are pros and cons of posting in LinkedIn groups, but it can be a sound strategy. Get 5 steps for using LinkedIn groups in your content marketing strategy. Via Steve Cassady
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4-ways-+1-that-will-get-your-LinkedIn -published-content-exposure. #linkedin  
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HERE'S THE SCOOP: Many of you ask and I thought it may be best to publicly say how working with me works: 1) Yes, I have an hourly rate 2) However, I also create a package rate based on the tasks you define 3) You tell me your budget and I let you know X tasks I can complete on a monthly basis or one-time project. Scheduling a 15 minute free consultation is easy:
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Thank you for visiting.  Please feel free to contact me for a 15+ minutes chat.  Have your questions ready. My website is:

Providing Virtual Assistant Services including social media creation/curating and all administrative project work. Contact me and we can discuss different ways I can help you build your social media presence.

Social Media Marketing including Website, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Search, small business, entrepeneurs. Helping individuals, businesses and organizations to understand, manage, and succeed in social media.
Social Media relationship building to bring customers to your business, product or service takes a great deal of time and detailed strategic Do you really have that kind of time? I understand you need to be meeting with clients, managing your staff and/or managing your own work. Tending to the administrative tasks that is involved with managing your online social networks can be daunting - but an important one for your business exposure.

***We can start big or small, by the month or by the project. There are millions of people out there to be found that will purchase your product or service. Let's reach them together through SOCIAL.

*****Realtor Virtual Assistant Services*****

Social Media Virtual Assistance:
Set up Social Networking Profiles
Customize Profiles
Maintenance of social networking profiles
Recommendations for using social media for marketing and increasing brand/online visibility
LinkedIn- Set up profile, optimize profile, research relevant groups, find relevant Questions & Answers
Facebook- Customize and optimize a business fan page, suggest ways to promote, track and analyze Insights data to find out who your fans are and what type of content they like, help create a publishing calendar.
Twitter- Set up account, optimize current account, help find targeted followers, assist with promotion of account.
Pinterest- Set up profile and Pin boards.
YouTube- Posting videos online. Set up video profiles/accounts.
Set up Google+ profile and Google+ Page for Businesses

Editing and Formatting
Expense Reports
Email Reminder Service
Internet Research
Mail Labels and Mail Merges
Mailing List Maintenance
Procedural Documentation
Typing/Word Processing & Data Entry
Executive Assistant Services

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