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Christofer Hoff
Animated, ebullient and prone to colorful exaggeration.
Animated, ebullient and prone to colorful exaggeration.

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Oh, and that wasn't to marginalize your great suggestions -- because they are very, very useful. :) I am addicted to Kelly Starrett's Mobility and Movement protocols and spend the first part of my day and prior to workout and BJJ training by functionally mobilizing my entire body...these are all excellent suggestions...I just pushed it too far :/

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Thanks, Chad.  I wish my problem was a warmup issue or related to a lack of mobility -- I do both religiously.  My issue came from a deadlift set gone wrong followed by a 14 hour flight.  Then 6 months later a Twister at the end of a set of Marathon rolls that finally did me in.   I have a couple of herniated discs...just have to fix those up :)
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