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We publish biodiversity and cybertaxonomy academic literature
We publish biodiversity and cybertaxonomy academic literature

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Moth gift: Winner of an eBay fundraising auction thanks his mother by naming a new satiny-looking species

Organised by the Western National Parks Association (WNPA), a non-profit education partner of the US National Park Service, the fundraising venture was supported by discoverer Eric H. Metzler, who spent 10 years studying the moth fauna of the White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.

Find more about the new moth from the article published in the open access journal ZooKeys at:

#NewSpecies #Lepidoptera #biodiversity #entomology #taxonomy #endemism #NewMexico

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New species of a minute cave-dwelling land snail named after a Dungeons & Dragons character.

Due to its habitat, the new species has received the name of Shar, the goddess of the goddess of darkness, caverns and secrets.

This is the 2nd time the same team of biologists discover a new snail species and name it after a goddess from the popular fantasy role-playing game.

The full study is openly published with us at:

#NewSpecies #Mollusca #Gastropoda #biodiversity #taxonomy #biospeleology

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5 new Pensoft journals integrated with Dryad to improve data discoverability

We are happy to have strengthened our partnership with Dryad by adding our latest 5 journals to the list integrated with the digital repository.

From now on, all authors who choose any of the journals published under Pensoft’s imprint will be able to opt for uploading their datasets on Dryad. At the click of a button, the authors will have their data additionally discoverable, reusable, and citable.

#STMpublishing #DataPublishing #DataStorage #DataRepository #OpenScience #reproducibility 

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Weevil genus breaks records for high rate of endemism for Macaronesia

Scientists from the Canary Islands provide the phylogenetic tree and estimate the whole evolution of as many as 237 species and subspecies along a timeframe of about 11.2 million years.

The full study is published in the open access journal ZooKeys at:

#Coleoptera #taxonomy #phylogeny #monophyly #biodiversity #taxonomy #entomology #weevils

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Exceptional reproductive biology in the Nimba toad explained

The females of this unique species not only give live birth, which is very rare among frogs and toads, but their offspring are fully developed, having been continuously provided with nutrition in the womb. This feeding of the foetus is what makes the Nimba toad one of a kind.

The full paper is available in the open access journal Zoosystematics and Evolution at:

#Amphibia #Anura #amphibians #herpetology #anurans #toads #viviparity #EndangeredSpecies #endemism #IUCN

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Rarely-seen event of ant brood parasitism by scuttle flies video-documented on 2 occasions

“The video documentation of two very different types of brood parasitism of ant species by scuttle flies was recorded in two countries within just a few months of one another,” conclude the authors.

“It appears brood parasitism may not be as rare as was once assumed, and that there may be a tremendous amount of information to uncover about these behaviors.”

Find the observations and the footage from the paper published in the open access Biodiversity Data Journal at:

#Diptera #Hymenoptera #Formicidae #parasitism #parasitoids #entomology

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This 'Candy striped hermit crab' is a new species that might be the 1st ever hermit crab cleaner

Observations suggest that the new species, discovered in the National Marine Park of the southern Caribbean island of Bonaire, engages in “cleaner” activities with broad banded eels.

However, such type of ecological association from hermit crabs has never been documented, yet.

The new species is described in the open access journal ZooKeys at:

#NewSpecies #Crustacea #MarineScience #biodiversity #symbiosis #evolution #commensalism

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New species of parasitic wasp that manipulates the behavior of its prey seems to have deservedly received the name of the ancient Egyptian god of evil and chaos Set.

As soon as the new crypt-keeper wasp is ready to emerge from the parasitised gall wasp, it takes a ‘shortcut’ out of the gall straight through the head capsule of its prey, leaving chunks of exoskeleton behind in the ‘crypt’.

Find more from the study published in the open access journal ZooKeys at:

#Hymenoptera #parasitism #parasitoids #wasps #entomology #biology #biodiversity

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Concealer moth species has traveled via trade routes from the southern hemisphere to settle in Portugal

The country of origin for the species is still uncertain. However, it has probably established in Europe with the help of timber import and the paper industry.

Find more from the study published in the open access journal Nota Lepidopterologica at:

#Lepidoptera #biogeography #biodiversity #entomology 

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Chinese scientists discover a new species of catfish that shows lower jaw teeth in 2 patches of roughly triangular shape

The new fish was discovered during a survey of the Mali Hka River drainage in Myanmar, and belongs to the large sisorid catfish family.

Find out more from the journal article openly published with us at:

#NewSpecies #Sisoridae #ichthyology #fishes #catfishes
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