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HOLY CRAP our Tuplet #Android app is live! No more beta testing groups or weirdness to use the app.

To review, think "Instagram for music," and then think of a better promotional tag than "it's X for Y" and keep that in your mind as you use it. Our goal is to bring out the music blogger in everyone by providing a low-barrier way to discover new music (via blogs, search, friends) and then post it for others to find. You can also categorize by #hashtag and recommend tracks to @friends.

Please please try it out and send feedback our way. While it's officially out of beta now, we'll still be working hard to improve it.

You can install it from the Play store, here:

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We Stand for a Welcoming Community.

Against Harassment and Ignorance
For Diversity
We are Not in this for the Drinks
We Care

read it all on our page.

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I often experienced the struggle to setup a working conference WiFi. Although learnings and mistakes has been made multiple times I couldn’t find a easy to follow resource to get the basics right, so here is my take to create such resource.  Special Thanks to +Malte Ubl & +Robert Schulze

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Last dozen of tickets for Eurucamp are on sale. Use USERGOUP-4LAT to get 15% off until end of next week.  Psst you can also use this code to get 15% of

TXL ✈ BCN for Coworking Spain Conference. Looking forward to meet interesting people and learn how we can further improve cobot.

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Disturbing insight how bad our educational system is. 

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Very good read. Found myself guilty of some issues mentioned in it when trying to explain programming to beginners.
The best article about teaching programming I've read in a very long time: by Bret Victor who also gave this excellent talk a little while back:

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Im really happy that we have a open data portal for Berlin now, but XLS as the dominating download format? Srsly?

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Great event, I missed the first one in the video but had fun coaching at the follow up +railsgirls berlin at +Co.Up last weekend.
RailGirls Berlin in action. It's a great event to show women that coding is not magic (of course it is but shhhhhh).
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