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Sad news ...

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He should be in the best health ever! What the heck????
Championship swimmers diets are tweaked for fast metabolism, not necessarily health.
+Susan Gabriel , yes it is shocking ... that too among the people whom you expect to be in the best health, maybe +Henk Poley is right, thus this brings about serious questions on what we are doing to push the boundaries in sports and is it the right thing ?
There are people who note that the way we have tweaked wheat to keep {flour, bread, pasta, pizza} fresh for a longer time has a detrimental effect on our health. For example Wheat Germ Agglutinin that protects the wheat against bacteria and fungi, binds to cartilage (so: knees, elbows, hands, lungs, heart valves) bringing with it bacteria cell wall proteins, and it binds to Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 receptors making them more affinitive. IGF1 is known to drive aging in model organisms.

Topsporters usually eat loads of pasta and bread.

Not that I know any particulars about this case (!)
+Henk Poley It's really scary to know what "Big Business" does to our food in their quest to sell more.. It's just so sad that this young man has died. I'm sure he was driven to be the best.. and at what cost??
The thing I mentioned off hand is not scary, as much as that is an unhappy coincidence of creating better grains (longer shelf life is good for transportability, etc.). Also I don't know any particulars of his health.

Personally I'm (half jokingly) for a futurama-style all-out doping sports events. At least then it's clear what's being done. Maybe it needs an additional rule that the sportsmen need to be alive for the next decade to claim their full prize money ;)
+Henk Poley I understand it's a good/bad thing that is a fact of life.. and a different subject all together than this sad occurrence.
I think you might have something with the idea of the payoff being a decade away.. I like it!
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