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Midland Base
Midland Base: Play Destiny & Halo with friendly people!
Midland Base: Play Destiny & Halo with friendly people!

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The only dragon onesie wearing spartan I know! He has certainly become legend in our eyes. Congrats on Spotlight Receptor!

Reminder: Sunday Game Night at 20:30 hosted by ChickenMnkyDuck

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Reminder: Sunday Game day 15:00 hosted by AnimeManicFan on Xbox One, more information see event calendar or thread…/19355751-sunday-game-da…/page/1

Reminder: Sunday Game Day Halo 4 on Xbox 360 15:00 hosted by AnimeManicFan; Destiny Game Night (XBone) 20:30 hosted by ChickenMnkyDuck

Never a dull moment raiding with this guy! Congrats DeathM6 on Member Spotlight, and THANKS for always being up for a challenge!

Reminder: Sunday Game Day 25th Jan 15, at 15:00 (Xbox one, Destiny) hosted by AnimeManicFan, Sunday Game Night 25th Jan 15, at 20:30 (Xbox one) hosted by ChickenMnkyDuck

Reminder: Saturday Game day 15:00, in Destiny on Xbox one Hosted by AnimeManicFan, starts in 30 minutes.

Destiny Game Day (XBone) Saturday, Jan 24, 15:00 will be hosted by AnimeManicFan to cover for PoetePoet

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Bungie weekly update is available to read see here

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Crota End - NORMAL XBOne - FRI 23 JAN 15 8:30 PM looking looking for one more sign up here
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