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Numeria Zayas
Advocate for humanity.
Advocate for humanity.

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My Letter to Florida State Senator RE Guns on Campus
Dear Senator Tom Lee,

I'm writing to express my concern over SB 68: Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons or Firearms and CS/SB 300: Weapons and Firearms . As a USF student, and voting constituent, I am concerned for my safety, and the safety of my fellow st...

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How I Raised $600 for Planned Parenthood Arizona
I could have easily titled this post, "How I Cut My Hair and Beard and Cried Myself to Sleep for Weeks Afterward" but the truth is that I recently underwent a project to practice philanthropy. At this point I closely resembled a Jesus and many of my friends...

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What have I got to show for 946,684,800 seconds?
Some people think the world owes them something on their birthday. I disagree. The world doesn't owe anyone anything. It just is. Recently I celebrated a birthday. It was nice. There was music, dancing, cupcakes, and booze. During this celebration of time, ...

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My Letter to Dr. Pepper to Stop Advertising Soda to Kids
Dear Mr. Young: Please stop marketing Sun Drop, Crush, and other sodas and sugary drinks to kids 14 and under through advertising, advergames, and the use of child-oriented characters. Dr Pepper Snapple Group should adopt a comprehensive policy on marketing...

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Will you stand with me to help end campus sexual assault?
Please join me and the thousands upon thousands who have added their name to support crucial legislation to help end sexual assault on college and university campuses. It’...

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My Letter to AZ Governor Ducey on Cutting $104 from State Colleges and Universities
I am writing to you today to express my disappointment in your proposal to cut $104 million from Arizona colleges and universities. Funding higher-ed is a key part to ensuring that Arizona can sustain a successful economy for decades. This news is disparagi...

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Promoting Physical Activity in an Impoverished Population
Promoting Physical Activity in an Impoverished Population Explanation of the Problem Manypeople today live in poverty. Poverty creates obstacles for people
achieve their goals and improve their condition. Poverty is associated
with a higher prevalence of...

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Effects of Physical Activity on Cerebrovascular Disease
Effects of Physical Activity on Cerebrovascular Disease Introduction Cerebrovascular
disease, or stroke, is a devastating illness. A stroke is a type of
cardiovascular disease affecting the arteries leading to and within the
brain. It occurs when a blood ve...
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