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#io2012  Google Cube is a copy of Apple AirPort Express

#io2012   #NexusCube   beautiful!! #google   is rocking!!

#io2012   #jellybean   #nexus7   Amazing configuration 1200 X 800 resolution, quad core processor, 12 core GPU awesome!!

#io2012    Half the things of Android 4.1 not going to work in India anyways :P

#io2012  Buttering with jellybean

‎20 Saal phle 1 samsosa 50 paise aur 1 call 7 Rs ki thi
Ab ek call 50 paise aur ek samosa 7 Rs ka hai

Is se sabit hota hai ki "Mehngai nahi badhi sirf rate idhar-udhar hue hain"

This country is really going towards a civil riot. :( :(

What a country!?. Policeman are stealing from the pockets of people injured in the rail mishaps. Shameful situation.
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