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Driving directions
Imagine you are driving with a friend who is giving you directions from passenger seat. He might say something like this " turn right after 3rd traffic light " or " take next turn ". This is not how GPS navigator would instruct you. You more likely hear " i...
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This was actually launched in 2009 for Google Maps in India: . Unfortunately, there's still a number of challenges preventing this from going live worldwide :(
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So this is how portals look IRL!
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Laptop power connectors
Some engineering design solutions are so obvious it is hard to see in retrospect why it was not invented earlier. Each time I plug in micro-USB connector to charge one of my non-Apple devices I wonder - why it is not symmetric like Apple lightning adapter?!...
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because USB needs four wires where you can't cross - and + ?  Some devices blow up (don't try this) when you put batteries in them backwards, for example.  Traditionally, reversible connectors like that basically double the # of connectors required, which is kinda excessive.  i.e. center 2 pins are -, outer 2 pins are +, so now you have 3-4 connectors.  But for power adapters, many devices have more than 2 pins.  In fact, the magsafe has 5 pins: Two -, Two +, and one "data" that turns the LED on and off.

Connectors on both sides is a safety hazard.  The simple way is to wire them together.  But then you have exposed high current voltages out the other side.  someone will either get shocked or will short them together and melt something, or set the laptop on fire.  Some fool will decide "oh hey, double the power!" and plug two power supplies in at the same time.  that's asking for a fire right there.  Or burned out power supplies.

the more expensive way would add probably $20 to $50 to the laptop cost, and that's adding two inputs to the power controller.  and extra long (heavy gauge) wires to the other side of the laptop.

that's just off the top of my head.
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