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Carrie Leskowitz
Principal of Carrie Leskowitz Interiors + transformational life coach = Design from Within
Principal of Carrie Leskowitz Interiors + transformational life coach = Design from Within

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Pineapple Happy
Is it me or have you noticed everywhere you look ~ there are pineapples?  It began slowly last summer and thru the fall, quieted down over the holiday and early winter, I think is picking up speed the closer we get to Spring. If it wasn't on your radar, now...

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Talking Trends...
... Color Trends.  My friend  Tamara Stephenson,  NYC residential designer, textile and wallpaper designer of  Root Cellar Designs and blogger extraordinaire has been traveling the world discovering the trends coming out of Europe that we in the United Stat...

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POLITICS, bad weather, mind chatter, social media, terrorism, traffic, toxicity of any kind really reek havoc on our souls!  I have two words for you ~ Self Care. I can't remember a time when there was so much collective stress, except maybe the economy in ...

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Who's that Girl: Tham Kannlikham?
I do not talk politics here.  I actually try not to talk about it anywhere if I can help it.  I tend to keep my thoughts (and I have a lot) to myself (mostly), but I do talk about design!  So with that in mind, the new White House designer has been named.  ...

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A Jewel of an Inn
I have long loved the jewelry of designer Renee Lewis.  I think she was the originator of the shake necklaces.  You've seen the beautiful locket like charms with teeny, tiny diamonds in them.  High end stores like Barney's and Bergdorf's sell her things.  S...

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I asked on Instagram just after the 1st of the year what word you would use to describe what you would like to manifest this year.  As we turned the calendar to 2017, did you choose your word for the year?  A word that you will focus on, strive for, remind ...

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Incorporating Antiques
I attended the Winter Antique Show at the Park Avenue Armory last Friday.  I always meant to go, so an invitation from DESCARO   was just the impetus I needed to make a point of getting myself there.  I had no doubt I would love it, and I did!  The antique ...

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More is More
and less is a bore.  That little ditty was coined by the imitable Iris Apfel, but Linda Rodin obviously subscribes to the same credo.  Ex model and stylist, Linda Rodin is the woman behind the cult status beauty oil collection   Rodin Olio Lusso . Ironicall...

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Energetically Speaking
We all know our homes hold a certain energy or "Chi" in Feng shui speak.  Everything is energy, good or bad.  Happily, if the energy in your home is less than positive, you can take certain steps to change that by placing energizing crystals or minerals in ...

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A Clean Slate
With a new year brings another opportunity to reassess your life, goals, growth, priorities, and home. Show the world who you truly are at your best!  Of course you can begin any time, but the new year seems to bring a special resolve that only January 1 br...
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