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Designer, lover, sleepyhead.
Designer, lover, sleepyhead.

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We got a pinstriping brush yesterday. I have always shied away from them because of cost, but man, it is a smexy brush.
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Looking for a good beard conditioner and moustache wax recipe. So far, I have these selections. Perhaps I can cobble together a double boiler out of goodwill finds, since all my other stuff is packed?

Moustache Wax Ideas:

#DIY #beards #are #awesome  
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I recently went to a convention in Seattle and visited a booth retailing Copic Marker supplies. Bought a lead holder for graphite sticks and it is epic. It's pretty heavy, has a sharpener in the cap and draws and shades like butter.

It's called a Nobby. I have yet to start a project with it (outside of test doodles), but I am super excited about doing a pretty shading intensive portrait.

The little one also got her first set of Copic's - the cute little packs they sell. Two shader markers, a liner marker and a glitter pen. She's already drawn several epic dragons and a few crazy birds with it.

Check it out!

#artsupplies #pencilporn #drawing #sketching #copicmarkers #copicciao  
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Oh my gosh guys, Oni Press has a Tumblr feed!

#onipress #Tumblr #Comics  
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I am sick of the bad attitudes my Facebook "friends" share and spread, so I am going to try and invest some time here at Google+.

With my Tumblr account, Pinterest page and WP blog I hope to abandon the ol' Facebook addiction for social connections.

I admit it, I am actually pretty bad at this whole social thing. I tend to go radio silent and observe the majority of the time, simply out of being stymied on what to post. What do people want to read about me? Do they even care? Why speak up if I don't have anything interesting to say?

Sounds pretty boring, right? So I did a search on recommendations on how to post to Google+.

Does that seem like a newb thing to do? Should it be intuitive how to use social platforms? Have I gasp gotten old?

I hope not.

Here is an interesting quote, from Guy Kawasaki (apparently the top poster/user for Google+):

"I publish approximately five-ten posts per day. The topics that I focus on are marketing, enchantment, social media, entrepreneurship, innovation, venture capital, science, and photography."

So! Great tip! Let's create my top 5 favorite things:

Design Stuff
This includes graphic design of all types, marketing as it relates to graphic design, tutorials, etc
Art Stuff
Yep, art stuff, drawing, painting, sculpting, art history, modern art, tools, techniques, crafting, art supplies, etc
Cute Stuff
This one is not so hard to figure out
Alternative Cultures
This is a giant category - covering everything from fan-culture, to esoteric culture, to ?
Music & Games
Video game stuff, cool music stuff, new bands, dancing, fusion-style bellydance

Each day I will post somefin of interest here, maybe gain some friends, maybe I will post something someone want's to read. Who knows?

#googlenoob #design #art   #videogames #bellydance #fusionbellydance #music #esoteric #cute #donewithfacebook  
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Just had this conversation with my husband:

Husband: There's a new doctor
Me: A new doctor?
Husband: A new, new, new, new, new, new. new, new, new, doctor.
Me: You're right!

Which is cool because:
1. I didn't know he knew about the doctor
2. He throws it at me in the middle of the day with no frame of reference, which is very much in the style of the doctor
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Love the photo editing filters in Google+!
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I hate it when the thought of a person is so wedged in your brain you cant get it out.
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