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Pointing you in the "Wright" career direction
Pointing you in the "Wright" career direction

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How to Participate in the Gig Economy (Even as an Executive)

There’s a lot of buzz words in the job search world these days – the gig economy, contract gigs, ‘permalancers’, talent exchange, talent economy, interim gigs, and my newly-coined version ‘gig economist’. At the heart of these concepts is one meaning – Freelancing. Once reserved for artists, editors, musicians, graphic and website designers, freelancing is becoming more mainstream and is being embraced by professionals and executives across a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

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Being the Most Qualified Does Not Guarantee You the Job

Have you ever left an interview feeling you nailed it quite well that you would be offered the job? You wait for days (or weeks) only to hear you didn’t. I am sure you have, and it’s not a nice feeling.

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We tell stories every day – to family, friends and colleagues – yet we hardly think of telling stories when we meet recruiters, hiring managers, potential employers, and even potential business partners. Why? We are afraid; we don’t want anyone to label us as ‘braggarts’.

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Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

It’s not easy to deal with interview rejections, especially after having had 11, without a job offer. It’s not easy to function when the promotion you had in mind did not materialize. It’s not easy to see the light when you are in the doldrums, and conversations become littered with self-limiting declarations such as, “What’s wrong with me…?… I will never… I should have…”.

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Feeling stuck, trapped and fed up?

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How to Interview For a Law Firm

Law firm jobs are sometimes difficult to obtain, and while most law firms prefer to hire someone with a good amount of experience, they’re willing to consider new hires who can nail the interview. What you need is the right mindset and a few helpful tips to put you on the right track.

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Boost Your Marketability With Free Online Courses via @CareerMetis:

“The jobs of tomorrow are on the drawing boards of today – being aware that innovation is occurring and making the effort to understand and grow with those innovations will help you grow and maintain your career.” ~ Tom Turpin, President, Randstad Canada

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How to Win the Interview Game

Interviews are terrifying. Job candidates are known to sweat profusely, become tongue-tied, give wrong answer and blow the entire interview. Some have even tried reading the interviewer’s mind to come up with what they think the interviewer wants to hear instead of than focusing on the value they could offer. These peculiarities are not limited to entry-level candidates but run across the continuum to management and executive level candidates. #interview

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Do You Know What Employers Think of Your References? (Part II)

As mentioned in Part I of this series, reference checking forms a crucial part of the hiring process. If you are a candidate who is being seriously considered for a position, your potential employer is going to need performance verification from people with whom you have worked.

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What You Need to Know About Job References

Most job seekers spend a lot of time on their resumes. A smaller number spend some time preparing for interviews, but not very many give the job reference process the priority it deserves. In fact, many treat it as the easiest part of the job search. That shouldn’t be. #jobsearch #references

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