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For the past few months we have been managing our new company's Facebook. We have posted very good, interesting posts daily. However we have 0 followers. This was on purpose. We want people to realize, it doesn't matter how great of content your business is posting if no one is seeing it. And believe me, people don't normally just stumble upon business pages. Because I feel that so many small businesses build a Facebook and just wait for magic to happen, I am so excited to start my case study as I build my Facebook the correct way. Social Media takes a little bit of work, but it is well worth it in the end. I would love to connect with people who are interested in my case study or have done something similar. 
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+Haley Shelton Great points. Social media is definitely about building relationships. The more you pour into relationships, the more you connect with people. People buy from people they connect with.
+Kim Beasley I have been trying to stress the same point. Social media is all about building and maintaing relationships. If someone feels they have a relationship with your company, especially small business, they will continue to not only buy your product but also endorse you. If you can find the time to really humanize your social media, you will be successful. 
+Haley Shelton Are you also planning on building a community here on G+? Or are your customers only on Facebook?
+Kim Beasley I will be building a community on G+, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube as well. I am very excited about G+ because I have found a large number of my target audience will be easily attracted here. G+ may end up being the most successful. 
I have been trying to figure out how to get more traffic to my Facebook Business site to then get people to my website.  I have a teeny, tiny little company that makes handmade jewelry and want to increase my web presence but really can't figure out how. I have Google+ Business page
Facebook Business:
Have a website:
Not sure where else to go.  If I can give you any information from what I have done from my little project, I'd be willing to if you are interested.  
+Christine A. smith how are you engaging your target customers. Creating these things are a good start. The next step is engaging them where they hangout and bringing them to your world. :)
why the focus on Facebook? Are you also focusing (or even more so) on your blog? What about the company's G+ Page?
+David Kutcher Facebook is just where we started. Our company's focus is teaching small businesses how to use social media marketing. We used Facebook for our case study because that is the platform most people know of and have a little understanding of. We have now began building our Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube pages.
+David Kutcher I forgot to mention the blog. Our site has a blog built for our community to use and we are building out our personal blog as well. 
+David Kutcher The focus is not on Facebook. Facebook was used at the case study because it is a platform that most everyone in the world is familiar with.. Our focus is social media in general. That is why now that we are getting ready to launch our website we are focusing on getting each social media platform up and running for both our business and employees.  
+Haley Shelton - you're doing a great job! Keep up the passion. If I may make a suggestion on how to make your Facebook posts more engaging?  Standard link posts which your page has plenty of gets only 13% response rate. Top brands will post a graphic or photo that tells the story of your link and large enough to gain real estate in the news feed. Have a sentence of 10 words or less - not more than 2 lines about the link and then use the link format you already have. That method will get you an average of 72% engagement rate.
+Kim Beasley That is part of my problem I am not sure how to engage them.  It seems that I rarely get a comment on a post on my Facebook Business Page. I don't know how to have the customers interact with me.  
+Christine A. smith I checked out your profile and I would love to give you a few tips and tricks. You may email me at if you would like. 

+Craig Luecke Thanks for the tips. However we put all of our posts on auto to prove a point. It doesn't matter how wonderful the information you are putting out there is, people don't talk to a business, they talk to a human. Check it out over the next couple of weeks when we actually launch social media. 
+Haley Shelton I will have to disagree with you. What you are proving is that if you post links incorrectly AND on auto without any sort of timing you will not get engagement. People WILL talk to a business if you put a little effort. What you are saying is that you are putting no effort into the page. Sorry, that's how I see it.
+Christine A. smith A few observations regarding your Facebook page. 

#1 - Looking at your cover page and profile pic I would never ever guess what your business was. I had to click twice to get to the about section and find a buried URL to discover you design custom jewelry ... which might I add is AWESOME!  Why are you not showcasing your product and the jewelry? It's a no-brainer change!

2. Your 'About' only has contact info and no URL when viewing the front main page. That should be your brief paragraph of who you are and a link to your website. 

3. The thumbnails under the cover photo (even though they are going away soon) should be links to your Pinterest, Twitter and a custom page again showcasing your jewelry linking back to your site. Your jewelry should be on Pinterest ... perfect match! These are easy changes you can do in about 15 minutes.

4. AND THIS IS HUGE - Your Etsy links in your timeline should be a 403px x 403px photo of the jewelry you are selling and the link to Etsy should be in a 2 line text post. You will be surprised how much more response you will get with that. The Etsy links you are posting now on average only get a 13% engagement rate as opposed to the 403px photo getting a 72% engagement rate which equals more sales!

If you make those simple changes Christine, you will notice a change fairly quickly. 

If you want me to help you (FREE) just let me know. 

Just my observations and they are open for discussion. 
+Craig Luecke I don't think you are understanding. We are not presenting that to be the correct way to use Facebook. We are proving you can't just throw a Facebook up and put zero effort into it. And you have to work for those initial followers. 
LOL .. who are you proving this too? I can see your point, but I wouldn't use my main brand logo and platform as the example. That part doesn't make sense. If I happened to stumble upon that page looking for social media advice, I would chuckle at the 4 likes and move on completely ignoring your great website and Jomsocial.
I did a study last year. Started two Facebook pages and posted nearly the same content. One I just posted the content. The second one I added a question at the end. The second Facebook Page grew a lot faster and had much more engagement. 
+Chris Dowell that sounds really awesome Chris. I do feel a lot of times asking a question can make people feel like they should comment. I will definitely keep that in mind. Did you find anything else interesting from your study? Were these business pages? Did you use the same business or two separate ones?
Same business and they were business pages. Yes, I found that using Hootsuite, I got less less comments, likes and shares than when I posted directly.
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