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SocInc Haley Shelton
Social Media is my Thing
Social Media is my Thing

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What sort of Social Media Management systems or sites do you guys use?

Looking for a place to find great social media content for my clients. Where do you suggest?

I'm looking for some cool, new communities to join. Any suggestions?

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CELEBRATING TWITTER! Isn't it amazing how Twitter has changed the way we receive news? I now beat my parents and grandparents to the latest news stories because of my active role in social media.

It's going to be a very good day over in the Axcess/Socially office! It's my favorite kind of focused on Socially Inclined. We are working hard to get all these features up and rolling so I can do a little bragging. What do you have planned today?

Oh and ps, it's supposed to be 70 in Alabama today....YAY! You better believe I broke out the sandals. Hate it for all you people hanging in the snow. 

Good Morning +ers! I hope you are all having a lovely morning. The sun is starting to pop out in the beautiful Alabama.I'm curious, what do you guys do to get yourself all pumped up and ready for the day?

SO, I am really super pumped.
Sorry I've been neglecting you guys on Google+, but we have just been hammering away at some really cool stuff and oh gosh I can't WAIT to share. I thought Socially Inclined was cool before, but with the new addition, Social Suite.....HOLY COW, you can't beat it. So I can't quite spill the beans yet, but you will see so soon. Oh AND yeah the site looks pretty cool right now...BUT just wait until you see this fresh new layout we have cooking up. It is basically AMAZING! But spread the word and keep checking out my page because this week I promise to wow you with news! :) Laters +ers!

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It's Time to Get Socially Inclined!

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New Blog! Check it out!

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haha so funny!
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