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An author in the Atlanta, Ga area
An author in the Atlanta, Ga area


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Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader
Today, I'm stepping up on my soapbox. Just for a minute, but read, and think about, what I write here. This may be a long post, so grab some coffee, settle in, and maybe take some notes. Let's get going! I see so many people these days wondering if they're ...

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Ozarks Indie Book Fest in One Week - Plus a Ticket Sale
Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today, let's talk about OIBF! Eep! Get your clicking fingers ready, and let's get going! Ozarks Indie Book Fest is having its inaugural event starting on Thursday, October 19, 2017, and running through Sunday, October 22, 2017! Ther...

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Utterances Available for Pre-order Soon!
Happy Wednesday, everyone! So, last week was all jacked up. I had a blog post I started on Wednesday, and I got so into my own head, I quit writing it and just stared at it until today--when I deleted it and decided to post this instead. Don't ask. There's ...

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What the Hell is an Author Platform, Anyway?
Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today, we're gonna talk about that little thing called an author platform. Everyone uses the term, but few take the time to tell you exactly what it is and how to build it. Well, I'll rectify that! Get your coffee or tea, and let's ...

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Pre-Formatting Your Book - The Dos and Don'ts Your Formatter Wants You to Know
Happy Monday, good people of the blogosphere! Today, I'll be talking about something that not many folks discuss: How you should format your word document before you send it off to your formatter for typesetting and digital readiness. Ready? Grab your coffe...

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Barnes and Noble Yanks Books - Smashwords Offers Solution
Happy Thursday, everyone! Well, what an interesting month it's been, eh? Let's get to the publishing news, just in case you haven't seen it. Strap in, grab your coffee, and let's get going! Over the last month or so, B&N has pulled several Indie erotica tit...

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Is it Wrong to Expect Readers to be Active Participants in the Story?
Happy Thursday! Today, we're gonna talk about description, how it might impact the reader, and what authors might or might not expect from the consumer. Ready? Grab your coffee or tea, and let's get going! So, I'm on the phone yesterday with an author frien...

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Writing Sprints - What and How
Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today's post is informational. If you already know what writing sprints are and how to do them, then feel free to scroll on down to the bottom for the 411 part. For those of you that aren't familiar with sprints, let's get going! ...

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CRAY-Z Weeks - Updates and Such
Happy Tuesday, everyone! Holy crow, what a nutty few weeks it's been. Today's post is just a little what-not about what's been going on and why the blog has been so everloving silent. Ready? Grab your coffee (or tea), and let's get going! So, after my Londo...

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Great Lakes Book Bash 2017 Ticket Sale
Happy Saturday! Now, you know I wouldn't be bugging you folks on the weekend unless it was really important, right? If you're planning to attend GLBB in October of this year, you'll want to read this! Ticket prices are insanely low! Get your clicking finger...
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