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Escapology Orlando Review
Have you had the chance to try any of the escape game rooms that have been opening up around Orlando? 

I got the opportunity to try out one of the newest games from +Escapology Orlando. Their game antidote is quite fun, creating a nice blend of science (science knowledge not required) and puzzles that will test your code breaking abilities. 

If you have gotten to try any of the local escape games, which one, and how did you like it?

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The birthday girl +Carolyn Capern​​ enjoying the beaters from her birthday cake.

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✩✩✩✩ Calling all Orlandoans! ✩✩✩✩ & Central Floridians
In the next few weeks we (Central Florida) will be launching a community effort to end Veterans homelessness.

I am looking for advocates that are dedicated to seeing the soldiers that fought for our home finally get one of their own.

If you would like to help with this historic campaign please let me know so I can share details with you in the coming weeks.

Together we can make Veterans homelessness a thing of the past in our community.


People still wear +Google Glass?

Does it still recieve updates and support?


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So we have another social network.

The company is GotChosen, and the platform is the Social Exchange. 

They have a very different approach than most social networks. While you can go to their website you can also become a publisher and have the social network live on your site. See the header on

In addition to having a different approach to social, they also like to give back to the community they are building online in the form of a college scholarship. 

My love, +Jennifer Melear gives details about the scholarship in the post below. 

Simply put, after you sign up to see what GotChosen is all about, head over to her post, and upvote (click the up arrow) it. 

That's all you have to do to give Jen a better chance at winning a $5000 scholarship to help her Graphic & Interactive Design studies. 

After you upvote her post, please let me know so I can thank each and every one of you personally.

#SocialNetwork   #SocialMedia
Friends of Google+:

Hello and good evening! I am a student at Valencia College completing a double-major for both print graphics and interactive web design. I am attempting to win a scholarship to pay for a new laptop so that I can do awesome things in my upcoming design courses and it would be so amazing to have your help with this! 

The scholarship, which is being offered by GotChosen, is for $5,000, and covers any school-related expenses of my choosing. The deadline for all entries and voting is May 31st, 2015. To qualify, I was required to sign-up for GotChosen's new social platform, create a unique post in one of their many social channels, and then ask my friends, family, co-workers (and anyone else interested) to vote for me. 

I figured it may be worth my while to reach out to my friends here on Google+. If you have a few moments to spare and would like to help, I would be really grateful for your support. I have posted the steps for upvoting my post below. 

<From your computer>

Step 1: Please click on the link: (You should be directed to my post.)

Step 2: Create an account with GotChosen (Before you can vote for my post, you must create an account. This basically confirms to Got Chosen's staff that you are, in fact, human and not a robot.)

Step 3: Confirm your email address by following the link sent to you via email after creating your account

Step 4: Return to

Step 5: Click the up arrow at the bottom of my post to upvote it

If using your cell phone, it's virtually the same process, but there is an app that can be downloaded for either Apple or Android that should make things easier. Overall, I did find that it was more simplistic to use the computer to vote.

If you have any other questions you would like me to answer or need any help, please contact me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me in this! ♡

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Come out and celebrate #orlando and +Rethink Homelessness​ with +Macbeth Photo​ June 5th for the #locallove first Friday fotos.


P.S. it's not my event or I'd make it here on GP. 

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HOA invites are out of control
It would seem the tactic to get more HOA viewers is not having a good show, but spamming thousands of people in hopes that 10 of them watch.

I've been staying away from G+ lately because of all the invite spam I get. Most of my notifications are from people inviting me to their event or HOA. 

Recently I have decided to try and take back my G+ experience. I'm committing to mute people that spam invite, and reduce the spam in my All stream. 

I'd love to know how you handling the super surge of spam invites to HOAs and events?  Maybe, your recommendation can help improve my G+ experience. 

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Happy #caturday ! 

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Since 2011 Central Florida has reduced Veterans homelessness by 59%.

This year, we end it completely.

#rethinkhomelessness #Veterans  

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Exciting day for +Rethink Homelessness​ as we discuss the progress made reducing #Veterans homeless in #orlando. 
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