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Attention, Book Clubs!
Seven Noble Knights , as you may know, is popular with book clubs . Its cast of characters and uniquely fascinating setting provide fertile material for informative discussions that easily turn gruesome or hilarious, depending on the group dynamic. Check ou...

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Giant Summer Reading Sale
Kindle Press has decided to be generous to summer readers and has put all their titles on sale for 99 cents (Kindle edition only) July 5 through 11. Awash in Talent is on page 8! Awash in Talent is the only quirky, intelligent, Kindle Scout–winning, paranor...

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Busy July: Book Sales, Tin House, and Zamora
The gates to Zamora are still closed to me, but I can see it, practically touch it... Photo 2005 Jessica Knauss  I don't have good feelings about July. I never had a special attraction to this month, which in my childhood was usually dreary and lonely, but ...

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Wisdom from the Historical Novel Society Conference 2017
Huge quantity and huge quality authors at the book signing, with yours truly  I'm back from the Historical Novel Society Conference 2017 in Portland, Oregon. I'd been planning to go to this convergence of great historical fiction authors from all over the w...

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New Life: The Trip of a Lifetime, Part 13
It was June 2016. Stanley and I were waking up to bright blue skies and doves cooing in Arizona. For an instant each morning, I could fool myself into thinking I was still in Spain, on that trip I wish had never ended. Arizona will always live in my heart, ...

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Leaving Madrid: The Trip of a Lifetime, Part 12
We thought we were tired in 2015!  In 2015, at the end of the trip that was mostly about visiting Seven Noble Knights sites, Stanley and I had made plans to have dinner with my good friend—okay, he's an ex-boyfriend—who lives in Madrid. In the event, we wer...

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Sevilla Without Losing Our Seat: The Trip of a Lifetime, Part 11
There's always time for a fangirl moment.  There's a rhyming saying the Spanish use in a musical chairs situation:  “ Quien va a Sevilla pierde su silla ”  (Whoever goes to Sevilla loses his seat). Stanley and I went to Sevilla, and did not lose our seats; ...

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Valencia, City of Dreams Come True: The Trip of a Lifetime, Part 10
Line up here to stand in the sand! Photo by Jessica Knauss  Time moved strangely the afternoon of May 26, 2016, and Stanley and I quickly felt it was time to get back on
the subway. We looked around at people—how many of them were going to the
concert? When...

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Valencia, Where the Oranges Come From: The Trip of a Lifetime, Part 9
Valencia is where the oranges come from.  This post and the following two contain extreme instances of joy. It is hard to write about joy unironically in English. Please bear with me while I labor to find appropriate words.  Our first day in Valencia was ve...

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Morella and Peñíscola: The Trip of a Lifetime, Part 8
Morella Photo by Jessica Knauss  This May 2016 trip was the first time I'd been south of Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast. I can now report that it has more marvels than can be counted; Stanley and I experienced two of them in detail. Morella We glided ...
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