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Unleashing the power of Advisory Boards to Business Leadership
Unleashing the power of Advisory Boards to Business Leadership

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#UNIntlDayOfPeace: @IPrinciple knows #YOUHaveThePower to make a difference!

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Join @IPrinicple on the #InternationalDayOfPeace – we can achieve it together! #WorldInOurHands

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Out of energy, demanding projects? Click here  & get free DAILY dose of #business boost! 

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via +Valerie MacLeod 
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“Comparison is an act of violence against the self.” – Iyanla Vanzant
If you wish to enjoy a well-intentioned life, it is imperative to recognize and remove misguided perceptions that are throttling your peace of mind and prosperity. 

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Excellent guidelines for Google+ communities by +Jaana Nyström via +Chef Dennis Littley 
Why do you share posts to communities on Google+?

Have you actually ever pondered, why?

Is it because you wish to share something nice with the people who are interested in the same topic?  Do you want people to learn or have fun or give you answers?

Do you belong to several communities around that same topic?

Many others do, too.

Still you want to share the same post in those many communities, often at the same time and still you are wondering why people get tired of your posts or why Google's spambots catch your posts into the spam queue?

Repetitio est mater studiorum - but if you are on Google+ you don't necessarily wish to see the same post 2-3 times from just the original poster with all the reshares on top of that?

Sharing off-topic posts to Communities

Many people unfortunately share Real Estate posts in a Google+ related community.  Or Google+ posts in a Pinterest community.
Do you get my point?

Why would you share a post into a community that has NOTHING to do with the topic of your post?
Doing that makes you a spammer and that's when Google's spambots keep an eye on you.  
Getting rid of a spammer reputation is hard and takes a long time: But you are the only one to blame.
If your posts are hidden in communities you might want to think why that happened.

Think. Before you share.

Is it so important to you that your post will be seen by everyone?
WHY?  Narcissim?  Monetary gain?

- Leave a comment please, I'm doing research.  Tell me how you feel and why you do what you do or why you don't do...

Google+ for interests

One of the most wished for features on Google+ this year is the ability to post in many communities and to circles simultaneously.  
At the same time.  Sharing the same post.  To all those people who definitely overlap.

You may think you are not spamming or meaning to spam but in the end...  Who can tell the difference?

What is your opinion on that, are you for or against?

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I make mistakes all the time!

In fact, that is the premise of my Kraaft It LIVE! show.
I would rather have them to try to fix than wondering!

Do you find yourself saying "What if?"

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OK, this is not something you usually get on our page BUT this is completely adorable. Enjoy #Caturday  and have a fantastic weekend! 

h/t +glenn guillory 

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When was the last time you removed yourself from distractions, turned off the constant chatter in your head, and focused completely on YOU?
Check out our latest tips on how to lead a pleasurable and successful life.
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Spring is already here. Perfect time to try new things. We want to help you extend beyond your habitual work routine! 
And we prepared a gift for you. 30 Days of Inspiration: a month-long, NO-COST 30-message packet of work/life wisdom, delivered each day to your email doorstep. Pick up your gift on our website

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