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Dinners out with The Baby
Have you ever tried to take a 2 year old to a restaurant? Have you felt like you looked like the most inept parent in the world? No? Well I have. I'm think we are going to stop eating out so we can just live in a happy place where The Baby eats his dinner w...

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Exhaustion and insanity
So the Things are going to be starting school pretty soon. Thing 1 starts in a week and Thing 2 starts in 2 weeks. As we are beginning preparations for school to start I am feeling overwhelmed. What happens when I get overwhelmed? I have a brilliant idea. W...

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Author Name Change
Some of you might be wondering
about my blog author’s name change. See my children thought it was a great idea
to start their own YouTube channel with my Google account. Here’s the thing. I don’t really
care if they have a YouTube channel. Lineman is very a...

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The Big Kids are on Vacation
It occurs to me that I haven’t written in a while. My life
has been so batshit crazy it’s amazing I survived. First there was tax season
which is a task of will on its own. Then I embarked on the crappiest knee
surgery journey ever…. Still recovering over a...

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Step Parenting Is a Hard Gig
It occurs to me that being a Step Parent is really hard. I
love my step son, Thing 2. And I’m fairly certain he loves me. I haven’t had a
fight with him in about 2 weeks, he has been at his mother’s house for this 2
weeks. When he comes to our house and Lin...

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Toddlers and Medicine Don’t Mix
It’s an age old struggle of mom’s fighting the good fight to
help their children feel better. Doctors are good at what they do and we try to
follow their instructions to the letter… until you have a toddler. You see, toddlers
have opinions, LOTS of opinions...

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If You Don't Have Children, You Shouldn't Give Parenting Advice
We’ve all been through this scenario. A friend, that hasn’t
carried a child, given birth, or tried to keep said child alive gives us advice
on how we should parent our child. Normally I give this person a sweet fake
smile and move on with my day. Normally t...

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5 Perfectionist Problems
I am a perfectionist. This is a
problem because I am also a mother. Things will never ever, ever be the way I
want them to be. There will always be clutter and chaos in my house until my
children grow and then I’m sure I’ll miss the noise and the clutter, b...

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Diet Day 7
12:00PM Not really interested in eating but it has to happen eventually. We get the baby
some food and I eat a breakfast sandwich that sounded good but in reality was
very gross. It desperately needed cheese. Combat this with some low fat cottage
cheese and...
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