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Graham Nelson
Homebrewer. Used to be good at sailing.
Homebrewer. Used to be good at sailing.

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Thornbridge Competition
After driving to Bakewell and dropping off my  Vienna IPA  entry into the National Home Brew Challenge, I figured that most likely it would be the last I'd hear about it. Being a rookie home brewer, only in my wildest dreams did I harbour thoughts of actual...

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Brew 18 - Divine Hammer
10.5% Triple IPA Brew date 28/7/14 This was my first attempt at making a really high gravity beer and was a special request, with the finished result destined for my mate Nick's 40th birthday weekend. I wanted to make a big double or triple IPA, with multip...

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What's an IBU?
This is a very brief post, just to explain what an IBU is and how to work out how many your homebrew has! I've spoken to a few homebrewers who use brewing software that works out bitterness for you and seemed intrigued to find out that I just work it out fo...

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Brew 17 - Vienna IPA
5.9% IPA Brew date 27/6/14 This was my entry for The Great British Homebrew Challenge 2014, a competition run jointly by Thornbridge Brewery and Waitrose. The winning entry would see their recipe scaled up and brewed by Thornbridge and stocked in Waitrose s...

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Brew 15 - Propaganda (2)
7.2% Black IPA Brewday 11/5/14 A bit of a belated post here. Just continuing the theme of writing up notes on my last few brews, to get up to date. It's fair to say that my most successful brew up until this point had been Propaganda , my black IPA, so I de...

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Brew 16 - The Beer That Went Clear
5.0% American Pale Ale Brewday 31 May 2014 There were a lot of firsts in the making of this beer. It was the first time I'd done proper water manipulation, it was the first time I had attempted to work out some brewhouse efficiency figures, it was the first...

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Open for business...
Okay, it's been a very long time since the last post here - ever since we discovered that Untappd is a much better way of sharing beer reviews in fact. Still, I haven't been updating the homebrew posts either, which is remiss of me. From now on, this blog w...

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9 Squirrels Brewing - ABC1
I was handed this at a recent Macclesfield Homebrew Club meeting by Chris from 9 Squirrels Brewing. Thanks Chris - much appreciated! ABC1 is a 6.4% IPA, made with Columbus, Simcoe, 366 and Cascade. Chris suggested leaving it a bit longer but I'm not very go...

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Homebrew 13 - Low ABV Pale
Homebrew 13 Brewday - 13/04/14 Boy Racer - 2.8% ABV Pale Ale With a window of brewing opportunity presenting itself at fairly short notice, I had a look through my ingredients box and decided to do something I'd been meaning to do for a while and try my han...

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Magic Rock - Un-Human Cannonball
Magic Rock have long been the subject of my main brewery man-crush. They have the best name, the best branding and make some of the best beer so when this year's release of Un-Human Cannonball came out, I had to get a bottle. MR have a pretty logical way of...
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