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Marines don't only storm beaches - they bring the thunder in the sky as well!
Amazon Link Tippy: Tales of Flying Sergeants by Michael Uva is a tale of a backwoods mechanic turned Marine auto mechanic turned pilot turned war hero turned pastor.  That seems like a lot of twists and turns, but Michael Uva spins a tale that anyone who lo...

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It's not easy putting together a "super group" of warriors without getting yourself killed!
Amazon Link Review of Black and Gold:  Formation by General Asa The Summoner once had it all in the Empire's land of Malvia.  Huge armies to command against the fight against the Rell and the Orcs, money, power, fame.  He was a true rock star of his age.  B...

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Amazon Link How Does A Backwoods, Lowly, Enlisted Mechanic Become A - P-51 - Ace Fighter Pilot? Based on an “Enlisted Marine” who flew a P-51 aircraft during WWII.
(Normally, only Commissioned Officers were pilots.) These "enlisted"
pilots fought like he...

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I am calling in sick tomorrow - I am feeling a little "Afflicted"
Amazon Link "Afflicted Dawn" by Gregory Napier  is one of the reasons why I have fallen in love with the zombie genre.  I resisted the urge to view / read anything zombie related as if ignoring the upcoming apocalypse could somehow save my brain from being ...

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Should I lounge in the sweats or rock the stilettos?
Amazon Link Rachel Cleveland shares her journey through depression and just plain horrible things that daily life has to throw at you (sweatpants days) to coming out the other side killing it in the stilettos.  This is a journey that isn't unique to most pe...

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Author Interview: Kyle Garlett author of "Lessons From the Edge of Life"
Amazon Link 1.     Kyle, thank you so much for sharing your story with the world.     It is truly inspiring.     Like most inspiring stories, however, there is an element of struggle and dark days.   What is the one thing that you can attribute your “Thrive...

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Horned grey Rells, Orc, Greenskins, and Humans - oooohhhh this is going to be good!
Amazon Link Malvia is a world caught in constant war. The three remaining races
slaughter their way towards a victory that has escaped them and others
for over a thousand years. In the west exists a great Kingdom belonging
to the horned, grey skinned rac...

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Kyle Garlett has walked to the edge so that you don't have to and you can still get all the wisdom from that right here!
Amazon Link "Lessons from the Edge of Life: The Seven Keys to Surviving the Worst and Living Your Best" by Kyle Garlett is a one of those books that makes you just pick it up and smile all the way through. Kyle Garlett is a four time cancer survivor.  That ...

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A difficult choice for women: Sweatpants or Stilettos?
Amazon Link Many months of this year were what I call the sweatpants days. Don’t
even try to tell me you don’t understand what I mean by that statement.
But just so we’re all on the same page, sweatpants days are those days
that all you want to do is sta...

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One of the most unique stories that you will ever hear!
Amazon Link Diagnosed
with cancer at age 18, Kyle Garlett would go on to wage four separate
battles with the disease - three times with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and then a
fourth battle with a chemotherapy-induced secondary leukemia. All told
he was in active...
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