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The all new Vendome Station?
Will it be a big enough upgrade to consider it a 21st century station? Let us know what you think!

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Coiteux believes REM project is " one of the most important in decades"

I agree with him!

#rem #cdpq #infra

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Here some photos of today's severe weather at Montreal #snow #storm #mtl
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This is actually a great way to organize your emulated games!

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MTLBlog reports FAKE NEWS about the Azur subway trains
Call me disappointed. But this MTLBlog article connect two completely unrelated incidents regards to the Azur trains in a way that will boggle the minds of even the most layman person.

There was an discovery by STM in 2013 that required enlarging portions of the tunnels in the Montreal Metro before the Azur trains could be put on the tracks for testing. That issue was resolved.

In January of this year, there was an incident involving the Azur trains' contact shoes and the train tracks.

As you can see, these are completely different events, and there is nothing to suggest from the STM engineers or other news reports that the earlier event four years ago had anything to do with January's incident. So from that, how does MTLBlog make the connection. Well, it doesn't.

Let me quote what they say:

"*According to The Montreal Gazette*, the problem was because of : 'an interaction between a contact shoe on an AZUR train and signalling equipment on the line'. Then later, they say: 'It's a matter of millimeters.'"

"*That's just another way of saying:* The tunnel is few millimeters too small for the train to pass. It doesn't fit."

Wait, WHAT??

Where does the report by "The Montreal Gazette" say anything about the tunnel size? Heck even the part MTLBlog quoted specefically mentions contact shoes, and NOT the tunnel; yet, MTLBlog makes a connection that is nonexistent.

My advice, don't believe a single word on that MTLBlog article. They didn't do their research, it seems. #fakeNews

Special thanks to +James Amend for bringing this to my attention.

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Accessibility update for the metro and busses
STM held a press conference to update us on the progress of accessibility, including noting that all current fleet of busses without wheelchair ramps will be retired in less than eight years. Check out the full news article.

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Green Line Stopped for almost 2 hours potentially due to someone getting hit by a train.

CTV reports that the Montreal Metro's green line had to stop service from 2:50PM to 4:30PM. STM states it was due to medical emergency. The incident happened at Atwater station, where CTV states the train stopped part way into the station. This suggests something was on the track, and given that it was a "medical emergency", I suspect some person was hit by a train.

Here's the story.

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I decided to have some fun and make this funky and terrible music video. Take a look. Might as well be a GIF. :)

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Old but Gold: Azurs were to blame and will get the MR-73 treatment

So, it seems that the STM has changed its stance on the reason for the track being damaged several weeks ago and shutting down a large portion of the Orange Line. Initially, STM said that the Azur trains were not to blame and the damage to the track was due to other reasons.

However, upon further investigations through the installation of the cameras underneath the Azur trains, it was discovered that the new trains were damaging the rails as they passed along it. In response, the STM will be installing the contacting shoes similar to the ones on the MR-73 on the Azur.

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Think Different was Apple's approach, and this is how Mr. Sabia wants us to see the impact of the REM, the way it's being achieved, and the need to modernize the way we build infrastructure in Quebec. This is a great read.
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