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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Good message Cher, I would have liked to have heard you deliver that speech and watch the response of your fellow members.

I speak a fair bit outside of Toastmasters, always trying to inspire people using stories from my life. You are absolutely correct that speaking from the heart makes the connection and moves people.

Toastmasters training and experience helps us do it better.  
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Peter Wright

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                  A strange type of justice was reported in the National Post on Saturday. A bizarre decision by a jury in Montreal convicted a woman of two counts of criminal negligence causing death and two counts of dangerous driving causing death. The…
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Peter Wright

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Good article, worth reading to find out why #HumpDay is so popular, I thought it was something quite different.
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Good marketing article
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Peter Wright

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    James Hill via Compfight On 5 April, I published this post, The Tail Wagging the Dog, on my other blog. The post is about the lynching-by-social-media of Bernard Eich, CEO of Mozilla ...
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A poignant commentary and one I agree with ... with respect to freedom of opinion & speech. It is a tragedy that those (not all, but many) who scream for acceptance of their choices, refuse to accept mine. Tolerance is a two way street.

And I'm sick of the vilification of "them" whether gays, Christians, the President, etc. A lack of respect. Anyone is entitled to their opinion but that entitlement comes with the responsibility to respect others' opinions as well.

I'm reminded of a story about a famous Nazi death camp survivor (I forget who, perhaps Eli Weisel). A group of neo-Nazis applied for a permit to march in the town this man lived in. Townspeople wanted to reject the permit so they asked this man to speak for their cause, to prevent these neo-Nazis from marching.

He refused to help, saying, "I abhor what they stand for and say but I will fight to the death their right to say it."

The Nazis had taken away his freedom and to do the same to these neo-Nazis would put him at the same level, which he refused to do.

I've tried to model my viewpoints and actions on this man.
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Peter Wright

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Chris Pocock's book about the Story of Polo Crosse in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe inspired this bit of madness in SW Ontario at -12C and snowing lightly. Note, riders, bridles, saddles, helmets , sticks and jackets all from home. Horses, dog, snow and cold weather all Canadian.
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Was the Nairobi attack a consequence of lack of action against Somali Pirates?
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Amazing power of commitment for getting stuff done.

      Ed Schipul via Compfight This is a short post about commitment and how it is the fuel for achievement. In 2012, I started writing the story of my adventures in Africa as a series of blog posts in the Memorable Moments category on this blog. Over the…
      Ed Schipul via Compfight This is a short post about commitment and how it is the fuel for achievement. In 2012, I started writing the story of my adventures in Africa as a seri...
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Peter Wright

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One simple trick to set commitments in concrete.

Yes there is one simple trick to set your commitment in concrete, make it as enduring as if it was cast in a tablet of stone. Just like the ten commandments. Richard Elzey via Compfight Assuming it is a real commitment to take steps towards a real goal…
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Peter Wright

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Peter Wright

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Here's the link to Chris Pocock's book The Story of Polo Crosse, it's worth getting if you had any connection with Polo-Crosse, Rhodesia or Zimbabwe.
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Peter Wright

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Simple but important.
Many of the headlines in 2013 promised to solve all our problems with “5 amazing tips or in 7 to 10 easy steps.” I began wondering, could we narrow the tips and steps down even further to one core element?
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Part 3 of the story of my illegal detention by Mugabe's police in Zimbabwe.
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Wow... quite the story of what you had to endure...
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12 Years ago, I broke my arm, and crushed my hand and foot when my horse slipped playing polo and fell on me. Because this happened in Africa, I just got patched up and put in plaster at the local hospital. The breaks did not heal correctly. Both hand and foot look quite deformed with bumps in the wrong places. The wrist and hand ache badly when I use them too much, if I bump them and in cold weather. A few months ago, I damaged the wrist and hand - on a different horse. It was so painful, I thought I had broken a bone. Xrays showed no breaks and the doctors suggested painkillers which I try to avoid taking. After talking to Guy I started using RTPR twice a day, I could feel an improvement within a few hours and a big improvement by the next day. I applied RTPR twice a day for a week, it made my arm, wrist and hand much more comfortable. So much so that I am pain free most of the time except when I abuse it handling horses or heavy tools. Now I use it whenever I need to for a day or two and immediately feel the benefits. Lastly, I need to mention that I have worked with Guy on another project and endorse previous comments that he is an excellent team leader. He goes the extra mile for people in his team and is always ready to help others even if there is no benefit to him. A big thank you to Guy for introducing me to RTPR and being an all round good man to know.
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