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Everyone talks about Maps sucking, but it's Messages that I find unreliable as all get out.

#Messages may well be the buggiest AAPL product I have ever used.  I'm beginning to think that no one actually tested it on laptop, b/c it really doesn't do well with lost net connections caused by such things as closing and reopening machine.

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I was in the right hand group

RT @zerohedge: BofA believes that on Jan 1, 2013 the Fed will expand TSY purchases to $40-60bn month without offsetting sterilization sales. <<< Wow they think that that QE3 sugar high is going to have a pretty short half-life.  And they are right. QE: heroin for central bankers.

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'Bernanke wasn’t facing a banking collapse or the prospect of “imminent deflation”. Last Thursday wasn’t a “Lehman moment”. To please his political masters and their friends in high finance, the Fed chairman administered another big dose of QE anyway. So money-printing has evolved from a drastic remedial action to a lifestyle choice, which strikes me as an addiction.'

RT @zerohedge BofA now predicts Fed balance sheet of over $5 trillion by end of 2015. <<< Note they didn't put an upper bound on that range. MLW once asked me: "If the gov't needs money, why doesn't it just print it"? I had a lot of answers at the time that sounded right. Apparently they weren't.

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QE3 should really be called QE4.  Operation Twist was the real QE3, but that charade ended before the election b/c the Fed was essentially running out of long dated assets to buy.  I'm betting that Bernanke really wishes he could have stretched that out til after the election, as today's announcement throws into highlight the financial as well as the moral bankruptcy of current fiscal policy.

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The two crips prior to my surgery.

I find it difficult to believe how unintuitive and poorly implemented iTunes Match is.  And Google+ has actually degraded from it's original implementation as well.

Every time I try to use iCloud it behaves exactly as I wouldn't expect.
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