October Flash - Day 23

Image shared from the artist's page (per his request) +Michael Sonntag 

For info on the project, see this post: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114801976262704454864/114801976262704454864/posts/L28WXF6XTsF
Shades Parade

Not really knowing if this is the correct term in english language I sent this as my contribution for week 29 of my +Monochrome 52 project with greetings to +Shane Raynard and +Linda Villers at #Monochrome52  

In addition I submit this shot to +Monochrome Monday +Monochrome Arty Club +StreetPhotography +RAW Street Photography 

with best wishes for a sunny week to
+Hans Berendsen +Charles Lupica +Steve Barge +Nurcan Azaz at #MonochromeMonday  
+Seth Mayer +JR Snyder Jr +Steve Tang +abhishek chamaria +June Penn at #MonochromeArtyClub  
+Tatiana Parmeeva +Thorsten von Eyb +Maria Roco at #StreetPhotography  
+Daniel Norman at #RAWStreetPhotography   
and the #StreetPics  team

For Hip Hop Heads Masta Ace - Take A Walk
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