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Brandon Badger
Creating "Adventures on Foot." Product Manager, NianticLabs@Google
Creating "Adventures on Foot." Product Manager, NianticLabs@Google

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Trump supporters 6 months ago:
“There were no meetings with any Russians.”

Trump supporters 3 months ago:
“They just forgot to report the meetings with Russians.”

Trump supporters last week:
"There's no evidence of collusion with Russia!!"

Trump supporters 3 days ago:
"Who cares if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia?"

Trump supporters yesterday:
“It’s Obama’s fault for not stopping the meetings with Russians.”

Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow today:
“It’s the Secret Service’s fault for not stopping the meeting with Russians.”

Trump supporters tomorrow:
“Трамп собирается сделать Россию великой снова!”

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Fredo: "I can handle things. I'm smart."

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To be fair, it was take your kid to work day.

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How is this man not our president? Got Trumped in 2016, but will surely win in 2024. #murica

"He did not get any sun," a Christie spokesman clarified. "He had a baseball hat on."

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I miss having class in the white house.

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Death and taxes...

"Good morning, fellow mortals. At this pivotal moment in American policymaking, I’m here to remind you of our individual and collective doom. Wellness, like youth, is temporary. In the end, you either get sick, then die—or you die before you can get sick in the first place. It bears repeating, apparently, at a time when the health-care debate in the United States has become so partisan as to imply the population of sick people and well people is just as cleanly divided as Americans are politically split. But this isn’t the case."

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"Personal responsibility, Mr. Pence? What exactly are you referring to here? Because I really don't know how my six year old, who is non-verbal, non-ambulatory, exclusively tube fed, vision impaired and medically fragile, who relies on me and a handful of other caregivers for literally everything, is supposed to take personal responsibility for his own health. You know, since it was his fault he was born with an incurable genetic disease. I don't know, maybe if he had just worked a little harder to eat as a baby, instead of throwing up every ounce we gave him, he wouldn't have needed that feeding tube. I guess the hours we've spent in therapy trying to get him to achieve milestones like sitting up and crawling just weren't enough. He should have tried harder, right?"

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The greatest basketball team of all time is also the least Fascist!

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Do you want to be Kansas or California?
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