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The Dead Sea Scrolls not only illumine the history of the text of the Old Testament, they shed light on ancient methods of biblical interpretation. We've just added a free session on this topic to our YouTube channel ( Click over there for content on this and other topics and follow us on Google+ and Twitter @(twudssi) for news, updates, free books, and events.

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Vote.... if you know what you're voting for. There's nothing intrinsically good about voting itself. :) Agree?
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We're talking about practice...

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We gave away copies of "Gospel Meditations for the Hurting" for Mother's Day 2014 at Crossroad. Little did I know that the Scripture meditations would sustain me through the death of my little brother Josiah (4 days after his 14th birthday). Here is an excerpt from Day 9: Suffering and Sovereignty: Part 1- Read I Peter 4:19

"We have no right to imagine God as we want Him to be. And honestly, those answers are more troubling than the truth. Does it frighten you that God ordains even the falling of a sparrow (Matthew 10:29-31)? It shouldn't. It should comfort you. What alternative do you prefer: to be at the mercy of evil men? To be at the mercy of Satan? To be at the mercy of bad luck--what Shakespeare called 'the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune'? No, we are far better off in the hands of a sovereign, wise, and good God, who alone ordains (and limits) our calamities.

What is God's purpose in allowing His people to suffer? Time may tell. J.C. Ryle's loss of a family fortune propelled him into ministry. John Bunyan's jail cell, intended to keep him from preaching to hundreds, allowed him to write to millions. The lice in Corrie ten Boom's quarters at Ravensbruck tormented her, but they also kept guards from discovering the Bible study she and her sister Betsie led. Jim Elliot and his fellow martyrs accomplished more for missions through their deaths than their lives. Ron Hamilton and Joni Eareckson Tada stumbled on stones that eventually became platforms for their Christ-exalting ministries.

Perhaps your own hardships will never lead to an 'aha' moment. Perhaps all you'll see this side of heaven is a messy bunch of knots. But eternity will show that when your life is viewed from God's side, those knots were part of an exquisitely crafted tapestry. May we learn to handle our distresses with the faith of David Brainerd: 'My soul was sweetly resigned to God's disposal of me, in every regard; and I saw there had nothing happened to me but what was best for me' (Memoirs of Brainerd, p. 94).

Let the gospel assure you that your suffering isn't random but is according to God's will.--Chris"

If you would like to purchase copies of this and other "Gospel Meditation" booklets, please follow the link to the Church Works Media website.

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Blogpost: a Biblical Theology of garden themes in the Bible -- Paradise Lost and Restored. Part 1 of a 4 part series to be posted over the next couple weeks.

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You've probably never seen this guy, but you've heard his voice many times. Now you have the chance to meet him.

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Getting the Most Out of Devotions

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Well, hush my puppies - it didn't take long for Michael Dell to step up to Chromebook once he got a hold of the company. Dell is aiming their Chroembook at education markets, which makes sense, given their strong enterprise focus. Looks like HP will have some competition.
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