Projects We’ve Enjoyed

Project Highlight:
Orange County Convention Center Orlando Visitors Bureau

It’s wonderful working with people you enjoy. One of our favorite clients over the years has been the team at Orange County. This includes working with the wonderful leadership and staff at the Orange County Convention Center.

Rhodes+Brito’s introduction to working at the internationally recognized convention center site, was during the Phase V Expansion project in 2001. Over the years, our team has continued to be involved on projects that further enhance the large facility.

One of the projects we are most proud of is the 7,500-square-foot office space build-out completed a few years ago. The space combines the headquarters for the Orange County Convention Center Marketing Group and the Orlando Visitors Bureau. Our team successfully developed design solutions that enable each entity to have their own separate and distinct visitors lobby and conference space. Our team created shared spaces where appropriate to help reduce operational costs.

Rhodes+Brito is a full-service architecture firm based in Orlando, Florida. 2016 marked the firm's 20th year in operation.
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