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Helping Indian SMEs & Professional to build Digital Presence
Helping Indian SMEs & Professional to build Digital Presence

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Are you a Business Women who juggle kids and family responsibility? Do you suffer from mothering guilt?
I suffered from it and soon realized that there's no need to have that guilt! I have shared my insights in this article on +Alice Taylor Deutschland 

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Inviting all my creative friends for #CreativeConference in #Pune on 18th June 2016 

Join Our 1st Ever Business Conference for Artists and Artisans in India

Are you an artist or artisans or designer , who love to create handmade things?

Are you looking for ways to sell your creations online and become a professional?

Then, this business conference is for you!!

Why do only Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers or Accountants have a business conference or Seminars ?

Artists are professionals too , who need to learn Business Skills to grow their creative venture!

We have speakers talking on following topics to help you grow your creative business and skills

1. Mr. Shirish Kulkarni - Founder of Strota ConsulTech

"Learn why and how to do business networking?"

Do you struggle to connect with people and talk about your creative work?

Then Mr. Kulkarni, will give you tips and tricks of talking with people for business networking confidently and effectively.

2. Adv. Gauri Bhave - IP Assist

" Learn how to protect your creations with Intellectual Property Copyrights"
Are you worried about your artwork or design being copied or stolen in the online world?
Then, learn what you can do to protect your artwork / design , so you get high returns from your customers.

3. Akshaya Borkar - Co-Founder, The Art and Craft Gallery

"Learn how to showcase your creations online effortlessly "

Are you struggling to understand the online world?

Learn how you can showcase your creations online with ease and without big investment of time and money

Do you have any questions? Then Contact us below

M: +91 7218261748



Are you excited to witness this First Ever Business Conference for creative people??

Then grab our Early Bird tickets today!!

We are giving Rs50 OFF for early action takers, if you book by 5th June 2016

From 6th June the ticket price will go up to Rs250!

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Share this #virtualInternShip  opportunity with anyone looking to extend their WebDevelopment skills
Location doesn't matter, SKILLS DO!! 

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Celebrating Women's Day today by sharing our women artist's creations! Do support our artists by buying their unique handmade artworks directly from them!!

Our online gallery is a social enterprise as we do not charge any selling commission from our artists / artisans.

We look forward to your support for our artists!!

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Are you a business owner who has always done marketing and advertising in offline channels ? You are now seeing many businesses talking about Social Media marketing and going online… 
You are struggling to understand Social Media Marketing?
You think Social Media Marketing is a passing FAD, without much help for your business? 
Even, worse you invested some $$ in Facebook Adverts and received ZERO returns? 

Now, are you wondering how there are so many success stories of Businesses growing with the help of Social Media Marketing?? 
Are you looking to unlock this SECRET of making Social Media work for your business? 
Then, Get Moving and attend our Ultimate Introduction Session where all your Myths, Questions and Doubts of using Social Media Marketing are busted!!
It will only take 2 hours of your time including the Q&A
The Session will be delivered by Akshaya Borkar , Founder of an Online Gallery The Art and Craft Gallery. Akshaya has grown her business online in past 2 years with the help of Social Media without a single $$ in paid advertisement! 
So she can show you exactly how she got started …..

Who is this event for? 
This event is mainly trageted at Indian Business Owners who are operating in offline channels and now wish to get their online marketing channels setup ... 

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