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Truck Driver Killed In Chesapeake Bay Bridge Accident

The driver of a tractor trailer was killed when his vehicle hit a maintenance vehicle that was parked on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. The truck jackknifed on impact, drove into a light pole and then went over the side of the bridge and into the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. It is reportedly only the 12th time in the bridge’s 50-year history that a vehicle has actually gone into the Bay.

According to Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Deputy Director Tom Anderson, there were multiple warning signs indicating upcoming construction and lane closures on the bridge, but the driver must have missed them and realized only when it was too late. The maintenance truck was on the site for the specific purpose of protecting workers on the ground. The crew was repairing cracks that had appeared on the ridge. Nobody else was injured in the incident.

The truck remains in the waters of the Bay, which are 26-feet deep. Rescue workers and Navy divers were unable to untangle the body from the truck’s wreckage, so a private diving company will be coming in to retrieve the driver later this week.

Truck Strikes Low Overpass on Long Island Highway

The driver of a tractor trailer collided with a low overpass and destroyed his vehicle after ignoring multiple warnings and roadway signs indicating that trucks are not permitted to drive on the Meadowbrook State Parkway.

A quick-thinking driver had noticed the vehicle and began filming the truck, realizing that an accident was likely to occur. The incident happened at 10:30 in the morning, and closed two lanes of the parkway for three hours in order to clear the vehicle off of the roadway and clean up the debris that was left behind. The overpass itself sustained no damage and the driver was shaken but not injured.

According to New York Department of Transportation spokesman Beau Duffy, the state has been taking a number of steps to try to prevent trucks from going onto the highway. These include special markings on the pavement and multiple signs at entrance ramps. Additional precautions are about to become available, as construction nears completion on special infrared technology that will sense when a truck enters the roadway, flash warning messages to the driver, and alert the department of transportation and state police to the presence of the vehicle.

The driver of a passenger car was killed when a tanker truck fell over and crushed the vehicle he was driving. The incident happened at about 10:25 in the morning on Highway 140 in the St. Louis, Missouri area. The tanker truck was carrying milk and travelling on the highway when it encountered debris and overturned. The passenger car driver was trapped in his vehicle and was declared dead at the scene by the Madison County coroner. 

The debris that caused the accident was apparently a truck tailgate that had been left in the middle of the road. It was later determined that it had fallen off of a dump truck that had been travelling on the road earlier. When the tanker struck the tailgate, its driver lost control of the vehicle and hit two others that were travelling on the same stretch of highway. One vehicle was simply struck and then the truck fell on the other, which landed in a drainage ditch. Information about the driver who was killed has not been released to the public.

Cement Truck Overturns On Los Angeles Street

Residents of Loma Vista Drive in Los Angeles are expressing concern after the second serious truck accident on their street in two months. A cement truck reported overturned at 11:00 in the morning, but only after striking several cars that were parked on the road. The location of the accident was the scene of a tragedy less than two months ago when another truck travelling through the area struck and killed a police officer. That accident is still under investigation, though initial reports indicated that the big rig’s brakes may have failed.

The neighborhood is considered a high-risk street, and the Beverly Hills Police Department and other City departments are considering a variety of options that can control the traffic of trucks that are flowing through, as well as their speed. So far police have increased their presence in the neighborhood and as a result they have witnessed a number of violations, for which they have issued several citations. According to neighbor Tony Viquez, “I hope the city or the authorities do something. We cannot stop the heavy trucks continuing going through this street, but at least do something – do some regulations.”

Many neighbors fear that a resident will be killed by one of the trucks that travel through.

Fracking Leading To Increase in Fatal Truck Accidents

An analysis of census data and traffic deaths that was recently released by the Associated Press has revealed an alarming statistic. They have found that traffic deaths have quadrupled in those states that increased truck and big rig traffic in due to fracking, the new oil and natural gas drilling technology.  The increased number of fatalities in fracking areas stands in stark contrast to the rest of the country, which has experienced a notable drop in fatal traffic accidents.

Though fracking has brought tremendous economic advantages to towns that need jobs, it has also brought tremendous and dangerous traffic. According to Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva of Karnes County, Texas, they have witnessed an overwhelming increase in the number of serious accidents on their roads. “We are just so swamped,” he said. “I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.” One of the contributing factors is that federal regulations that limit the amount of time that truckers can be on the road are relaxed in oil and gas industry areas.

According to Marvin Odum, director of Royal Dutch Shell’s exploration operations in the Americas, accidents are “recognized as one of the key risk areas of the business.”  

Multi-Truck Accident Raises Fears of Explosion

Officials feared the worst when two trucks collided in a head on crash in Oklahoma. One of the vehicles was a propane gas tanker, prompting officers on the scene to call in the local gas company to assess the situation while redirecting traffic on a circuitous detour.

According to police spokesmen, the driver of an 18-wheeler suddenly veered across the highway, crossing the center line and hitting the propane tank truck head on. Though the propane truck’s driver attempted to avoid the accident, he was hit head on and jackknifed. He was killed in the crash. The driver of the 18-wheeler was found walking around in circles at the scene.

The propane tank was determined to be nearly empty, eliminating concerns about the potential for an explosion. Officers are indicating that it was raining and wet at the time of the crash, though no determination of the cause of the accident has been released yet. Crash reconstruction investigators were conducting interviews and an examination of the scene.

Illinois Accident Kills Two

A semi-truck headed westbound on Interstate 64 in Clinton County, Illinois crashed into a concrete bridge support, killing the driver and his passenger and closing the roadway for several hours.

According to witnesses, the truck was veering wildly back and forth immediately prior to the accident. According to Illinois State Trooper Calvin Dye, the driver apparently swerved into the left lane of the highway, then lost control while trying to correct the path of the vehicle and ran off of the highway on the right hand side. The driver was 27 year old Alex Delgado of Key West, Florida and his passenger was 54-year old Melvin C. Lewis of Opa Locka Florida. Both men worked for a Florida trucking company and were hauling spools of aluminum strips, which were scattered on the highway when the truck’s trailer split open.

The passenger, Lewis, was ejected from the truck’s sleeper cabin by the force of the impact; the driver’s side of the cab of the truck was wedged against the concrete. The damage was so extreme that first responders had to piece through the wreckage, checking for additional victims.

Truck Crash Just Outside of Detroit Kills 1

A tractor trailer collision of unknown origin took place on Wednesday morning just outside of Detroit, killing at least one driver and making a mess of morning traffic on Interstate 75. The incident apparently took place at approximately 10:00 a.m. According to witnesses, 43-year old Kevin Dake of Bloomington, Illinois was driving northbound when he suddenly veered to the left, crossing at least one lane of highway before crashing into a concrete pillar supporting the E. Dunbar Road overpass. The impact shattered the truck’s cab and ejected the driver, and a second tractor trailer then plowed into the vehicle, causing it to overturn and spill its load. A fire immediately followed and destroyed both trucks. A passenger car also drove into the second truck.

Both the driver of the passenger vehicle and of the second truck were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Police are trying to determine whether the driver of the first truck may have been using a cell phone or might have suffered some kind of medical emergency.

Fatal Florida Truck Crash Caused by Tire Separation in Florida

Interstate 4 in Deltona, Florida was the scene of a truck crash that killed one person and injured four others on Monday morning. According to Florida High Patrol, the accident involved a dump truck that was driving east. The vehicle’s front tire separated, causing the truck to veer wildly, crash through the protective guardrail into the median and across into westbound traffic. The truck struck three vehicles, killing one woman.

The driver of the dump truck, 51-year old Franklin Ramirez of Kissimmee, Florida suffered injuries in the accident, and five other people were also injured. 32-year old Logan Cool was killed when the truck drove into her passenger vehicle.

Florida police closed the road for several hours in order to conduct a thorough investigation. According to Sgt. Kim Montes, “Even though a tire separation occurred, we still have to have an inspection of that vehicle. That’s why our expert is out here from Florida Highway Patrol, to look at that dump truck, we have to look at the actions of that driver.”

Truck Accident Results in Boon for Food Bank

A tractor trailer accident that could have resulted in nothing but a traffic nightmare ended up being a boon for local food banks when the trucking company and Kroger Food Stores decided turn an accident into an opportunity. The truck was carrying thousands of pounds of frozen food when it was involved in a crash on Interstate 64 in Kentucky the other day, and as a result of the trailer having flipped, the food cartons were damaged and therefore the food that it was carrying could not be sold in the store to which it was headed.

The president of Mala, the trucking company operating the vehicle, contacted officials at Kroger and the two agreed that the best thing to do was to donate the salvageable food to local charities. Inmates were brought over from the nearby Franklin County Regional Jail to help pick up the boxes and load them into a refrigeration truck for distribution to the Frankfort Senior Activity Center, the ACCESS Soup Kitchen and Men’s Shelter, the Franklin County Women’s Shelter, the Simon House, and others. 

The total value of the donated food was estimated at $10,000.  The driver of the truck was treated at a local hospital for non life-threatening injuries.
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