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Jack of all trades.

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Writers: Discovering What You Love

We’re told that we should do what we love. Well, writers love writing! But what about other things?

The more we love, the more passion we have, the more we can write about. And, yes, we know right away whether we love certain things, but other loves we discover.

What are your favorite things? :-)

#writing #amwriting

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How to Write a Restaurant Review

I’ve always wanted to write a restaurant review, so I’ve decided that this summer I’m going to get out more and review a number of the wonderful, funky, unique, quirky and above all welcoming restaurants that surround me like raisins in a delicious rice pudding.

But I’ve never written a review! So I researched the topic and written a blog post about it!

Have you ever written a restaurant review? Or even just left your opinion on Yelp?

What did you think about the experience, did it make your meals more enjoyable knowing that you were going to talk with others about them?

#writing   #amwriting   #restaurant review

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Writing an Effective Book Description: 7 Ways to Turn Browsers Into Buyers

I hate writing book descriptions! I swear, they are more difficult to craft than the book was. It seems as though after we finish the book the difficult part should be over, but no!

Today I try to take some of the pain out of the process by discussing 7 tips on how to write an effective book description.

I'd love to hear your tips for writing a kickass book description. Please share! :-)

#writing   #amwriting  #amazon #bookdescription

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The Structure of Character

Today I talk about character structure!

You might wonder whether ‘character structure’ is really a thing. Do all the different elements that go into making up a fictional human have a structure?

I think they do, though it’s not as clear cut as with story structure.

I'd love to know what you think! :-)

#writing   #amwriting  #character 

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14 Tips on How to Create Your Own Urban Legend

This would have been a great thing to do for Halloween! Oh well, better late than never. Today I talk about something that has fascinated me for ... well, for as long as I remember: urban legends and how to create your own.

What is your favorite urban legend? Please share! :-)


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8 Ways a Thriller Differs From a Mystery

Thrillers have a bit of everything: mystery, suspense, crime and horror. Perhaps that’s the secret of their popularity, there’s something for everyone.

How to write a thriller is a rather large subject, so today I just look at 8 ways a thriller differs from other kinds of stories.


#writing #amwriting #thriller

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The Structure of a Supernatural Episode

I've rewatched Supernatural a few times. For giggles I've drawn up what I'll call a plot outline. This isn't intended to be an outline for each episode, or for any particular episode. It has been drawn from a number of different episodes and pieced together.

Have you ever written a plot outline of your favorite TV show? If so, please share! :-)

#writing   #amwriting   #supernatural  

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How to Use Your Life Experiences to Ground Universal Themes and Make Your Story Unique

This is a tip I got from author Michael Slade at the Surrey International Writers' Conference. It's helped me!

If you care to share, how do you use your own experiences in your work?

That's it. Cheers!

#writing #amwriting 

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7 Ways To Get More Out Of Pinterest

I hear more and more writers swear by Pinterest! It made me curious, so I did a bit of research and discovered 7 ways to get more out of Pinterest.

That said, I'm sure I haven't covered everything! Are you on Pinterest? If so, please share what you've done to increase your pins! :-)


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I finally did it! I finished the book I’ve wanted to write for years: The Structure of a Great Story: How to Write a Suspenseful Tale! The name says it all.

If you subscribed to my newsletter, I've sent out a link to a free copy (the link will expire in a few days). Also, the book is free on Amazon until Sunday. My blog post contains the link.

If you find a typo, PLEASE let me know! Also, if you have any comments or feedback, you can in touch with me at

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