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I have talked about my BFRPG game before on here, and it's starting to shape up into a campaign (amazing how randomness can sometimes inspire something). Anyway, after four sessions, my players are on the verge of discovering a hidden treasure from someone only known as "the Jeweler". I've put some work into deciding what it is they will find (three sets of special silver jewelry that consist of a chain, a medallion, two bracelets, a choker, cloak clasp, and belt buckle), but I'm struggling with what it will do. The items are decorated with pearls and I want something about the moon tied into it.

So far what I have worked out:
1. There is a statue they have to find. The statue is actually a mini-stone golem but if placed into the workroom (which they haven't found yet) on each full moon it will come alive and turn regular silver into the special silver. The statue can make any of the items the players are looking to discover, but not other statues or weapons.

2. They also have to find three cups. Each cup is attuned to a different concept of the moon: waxing, full, waning. When the cups are filled with the water used to quench the moon silver and drunk, they allow the wearer of the jewelry to use it's powers for one lunar cycle.

3. There are also pins. I want the pins to tie into weapons somehow, maybe a pin stuck into sword hilt will confer the power of these items to the sword.

Anyway, where I am stuck is what does all this stuff do? The jeweler worked with an Enchanter. The Enchanter died, and the jeweler disappeared. A lot of undead are around too. Ideas I have so far:

Option 1: The full collection of jewelry acts as armor for spell casters, giving the wearer an armor class bonus of 1, and a bonus of 1 to saves against magical attacks. Any weapon with the pin is considered a plus 1 silver weapon.

Option 2: The full set of jewelry comes with 15 charges. The charges are held in the chain and medallion. The medallion has a large pearl mounted in the center. As the charges are used up, the pearl waxes and wanes towards black (being a new moon). One charge can be used by the bracelets to cast "Shield". The shield glows and is round casting light like a candle. One charge can be used with a pin to create a magical weapon that does 1d6 damage and is considered a plus one weapon, and is made out of light. It lasts for 5 rounds plus one round per level of the wielder. Recharging requires drinking silvered water under the light of a full moon.

Other thoughts? Currently the players are level 1 and level 2. They have another three adventures ahead of them before they unlock all of this too.

So just had a great off the cuff adventure today. My players encountered a helpful tribe of Bisren, and have helped a party of Phaerin who were ambushed by evil ratmen. They are close to discovering a hidden treasure (they found the map a few weeks ago and have been following it since) of jewels and jewelry hidden by Jorash the Enchanter. They don't know what to expect, but they're very excited.

So far, EVERYTHING has been done off the cuff using random dungeons and tables. Yet somehow, an actual story is developing. The most important thing, however - is how much fun they are having!

OOC: Any word on what's going on? I feel like things sort of stalled out here...

Had another great game yesterday! Bob the Halfling made it to second level, the first PC to do so in a month's worth of gaming. Solid loot all around, though the party missed the most valuable caches. In general, it was a great game. The players had fun, and their PCs made a powerful new friend.

So just wanted to share my game today. I DM a BFRPG game on Roll20 just for fun on Saturdays (2 to 6pm CT - if you want to join you're more than welcome). The game is going along well, and we are playing it meat grinder style: 3d6 in order, roll for HP at first level, random dungeons and traps, the works. So far one player has survived four sessions in a row and just hit level 2!

I purchased a book! Medieval Warfare: The Rise and Fall of English Supremacy at Arms, 1314 to 1485. It's fascinating, covering everything from knights to bill men and other men-at-arms. Includes information on naval warfare and tactics, the introduction of black powder weapons and more. Really great source book. I'm going to use it to influence how Alfred thinks and acts!

What would our characters know about the kingdom/region that they are in right now? Should we consider ourselves natives or outsiders? I.e. would my character be able to say: "This inn isn't safe, but I know a game trail to some caves in the forest. We can camp their safely."

Hey Keith! Are we going to be starting up soon on the BFRPG campaign? Just curious if we were still waiting for anyone.

Quick Question: What was starting gold/equipment for our characters - by the book or something else? Am thinking about changing some equipment around and was curious.

Basic Fantasy character sheet:

Name: Alfred Osburth
Race: Human
Class: Fighter (Hunter)
Level: 1
XP: 250
XP needed: 2,500

Strength: 13
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 13
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 12
Charisma: 10

AC: 13
HP: 8
Attack Bonus: +2

Saving Throws:
* Death/Poison: 12
* Wands: 13
* Para/Stone: 14
* Dragon Breath: 15
* Spells: 17


Secondary Skill:
Woodsman (By Hunter)

Species Enemy: Orc

Move Silently: 25
Hide: 10
Track: 40

(Weapons and Armor)
Longsword (Extended Hilt for Two-Handed fighting, Equipment Emporium)
Long Bow (20 Arrows)
Leather Armor

(Adventuring Gear)
Backpack, Weapon Belt, Large Pouch, Chalk, small bag of marbles; Grappling hook; Hemp Rope (2×50'); Lantern, hooded; Oil (3 flasks); Tent, Small (one man); Bandages (5), Oil, cooking pot, 1 week rations, 3 large sacks, tinderbox, torches (6), waterskin, whetstone, Hunter's Horn, Back Quiver (Longbow, 20 Arrows, two extra bow strings, 20 arrow heads, bower/fletcher tools).

Money: 5 gp

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